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Returning to the Factory

It happens every year.

Somewhere around October, I finalize the list of Christmas projects and get to work. Inevitably, despite all of my careful planning, I end up running behind. Enter the last minute flurry of activity to get everything wrapped up. [That’s where it all seems to go so very wrong, by the way: The Wrap Up. Because I don’t have any trouble starting the projects; it’s those pesky final details that just keep getting pushed back.] By January, I have a revised list of projects a mile long and not one drop of crafty motivation left.

Slowly but surely, though, I kick off the New Year De-Clutter initiative. Everything must go! One problem: I’m a total packrat, and I really have a problem when it comes to hoarding fabric. Big. Problem. This year, I’m determined to turn over a new leaf. Out with the old and in with the new! “The old” refers specifically to the yards of printed flannel that I bought at the post-Thanksgiving JoAnn’s sale in 2005. It felt so good to cut into it, even though I felt a momentary pang when the first piece was completely gone. Hey, what am I clinging to? Keep cutting! 

I thought that this brown print was so cute and funky, but – oddly enough – I couldn’t quite make it work for any of the 2006 baby shower gifts. It’s not exactly…traditional. Guess I’ll have to keep this quilt for myself. Since it’s being turned into a useful item, it totally doesn’t count as hoarding, right?

Next week I plan to finish the baby shower gifts that I started last week. They’re *this close* to being done….


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  1. Hey, is that you Meg? How cool to finally ‘meet’ you! You need to let everyone know that you’ve finally started your own blog, so we can all drop by and keep you company.
    Can’t wait to read more – and about time too!

  2. Great fabrics!

    And I didn’t get to say welcome last week – it’s always great to see a new blog on the block!

  3. Who wants tradition? I’m telling you – I love this quilt!!! Did I tell you I had a baby in 2005? I wasn’t sure if you knew…


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