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InStitches Sew Along


Here is my entry for the InStitches Sew Along, organized by Kelli and Finny. I chose the CD Holder, because I really wanted to see if the finished product would hold its boxy shape. Hey, look – it did! I had some heavyweight craft interfacing on hand, so I just used that instead of the Timtex. The pattern instructions were pretty lengthy, but easy to follow and this all came together fairly quickly. The only thing that bothers me is that the lining came out a little blousy, but that may have been due to operator error. We’ll see how the next one turns out.

This particular box was made as a gift for my mom. Here it is in her kitchen. Don’t you love the pretty blue and white cupboards?

The great thing about this online crafty community is that it’s inspired me to actually try out new projects instead of just reading the pattern book and shelving it for someday. (Do I need to tell you how rarely “someday” ever rolled around?) I can’t wait to Sew Along next month!


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  1. Your CD holder is great. I love trying out new projects a great deal. Seeing if the pattern actually works and if the materials I choose are good for the project at hand. I’m sure your Mum is so happy with her gift.

    Cherry Menlove

  2. This looks great! I to shall require a cd holder when I get my new apartment in May…make it snappy…or you will be stripped of your title sister

  3. Ah HA! I have been eyeing these ever since I got the book but hadn’t tried them yet. Now that I see someone has I might have to give em a whirl.

    I can see a lot of uses for these little buggers.


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