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“Finish Living Room Blinds”: CHECK!

The other half of “January Clean-Out” is “January Spruce-Up”. We’ve now been in this house for almost a year and a half, and it looks like we just moved in. Actually, right after Christmas, it looked more like we were in the process of moving out. Anyway, I am just itching to finally decorate our home! May I present Phase 1:


I bought the fabric for these windows about six months ago. Originally, I was going to try my hand at roman shades. Hmm…yeah, that idea became less appealing with each passing day month. Then, a few weeks ago I was so excited to find this tutorial. “Ah, this looks do-able!!” Fast forward another two weeks, when I decide that yes, the original fabric is going to have to do and now -voila! – they’re up!

The tutorial for these blinds is great, by the way. Much easier than the pattern I’d originally chosen, that’s for sure!

 [As you can tell, I’m quite the crack photographer. Jeez, these suck! I’m workin on it….]

Here’s another of my new favorite projects: Criss Cross Coasters

I made several sets as Christmas gifts, yet (as my husband pointed out) I was still using an old envelope as my own coaster. Hmm…. That’s just embarassing. Now we’re the proud owners of a set. You’re welcome, Honey.


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