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The first two baby gift sets for 2007 are finally complete! I had so much fun putting them together, but you’d never know it from all the stopping and starting that went on. Certain things bring production to a screeching halt. Velcro tabs? Yep, that’s one.

Oh! Speaking of which, here’s a helpful hint if you struggle with sewing Velcro as much as I do: Switch to the zipper foot on your sewing machine. (Please tell me I’m not the last to discover this….) The first time I tried it out, I almost wept for joy. Seriously.

Anyway –

Each set includes two patchwork bibs (made of a combination of plain cottons and flannel, and backed with cotton canvas), a diaper/wipes purse pack for Mama, and an appliqued onesie. The daisy set includes a playmat, too. The playmat has actually been finished for a few months, and now I’m having a little trouble parting with her. See, I’ve even assigned “her” a gender; it’s definitely time for us to part ways. *sniff *

The zoo animal set is for a little guy that was born about a month ago. It’s been giving me anxiety all week, because I really want to get it in the mail before any more time passes! The little lion applique is my favorite part, and that’s what was hanging it up for the past couple of days. You know what? I love hand work. This shouldn’t have been such a big deal. Well, hopefully I’ll remember that next time.  

OK, I’ve got another flannel quilt on the wall, but first I need to sweep up this room. Gah! It looks like a tornado blew through! Ah, the price of progress….


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  1. Meggy! Your stuff is so cute I almost want to have another baby–almost! The lion onesie is too cute. More, more, I want to see more!

  2. Such cute stuff! I, too, love hand work.

  3. Yes, yes, I will be stealing this idea and running with it. I have a baby shower a few months off which should give me enough time to craft all the parts and pieces for one of these adorable sets. So, so sweet.


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