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The Hazards of Blogging*

Does anyone remember the Cracker song “Happy Birthday”?

“I’m feelin thankful/for the small things today”

That’s what I’ve been humming all morning. The sun finally came out, I’m halfway through the pile of ironing**, the laundry is almost done. Sweet, sweet Monday. Peppy little song in my head and to-do list getting to-done right and left.

And then it happened.

“Hmm…today’s post should include a picture of this beautiful day….”

Are you feelin it? Did it brighten your day in any way? Sure hope so, because at the very moment I took the picture – unbeknownst to me – I was already locked out of the house.


Me on the outside, boy napping on the inside. Rest assured, though, he was quite secure because none of our 120 doors were unlocked. OK, deep breath, tap in to your inner MacGyver – go!

In the end, this incident only gave me more to add to my thankful list: I somehow managed to wedge my plump behind through a tiny window. (Obviously not the one pictured….)

What a bunch of madness, right? So now you know. Beneath every blog lurks the danger that you too will one day end up with your butt hanging out of a window.

Be prepared, my friends – be prepared.  

*I really dislike the word “blog” in any form, but find it hard to avoid.

**The pile has been fed steadily for the past two weeks with clean clothes, but it’s been too cold to stand at the ironing board! I never claimed to be anything but a hothouse flower.


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  1. Ummm, now that I’m done laughing I will tell you that a couple of years ago I locked myself out and had to crawl through an open window in the laundry room and was very afraid I would fall down the basement steps that were directly below. However, nothing helped the pain when my husband came home and demonstrated that once you open the window you can reach in and unlock the back door that is right smack next to the window. Thanks…I knew that….

  2. oh I know this oh to well, picture it. NY washington heights, 2006, 1:30am. Locked out of apartment. Balancing on a grocery cart trying to climb through the upper half of the window….we are alike in many ways my friend

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