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Intention vs. Action

For the past two years – New Year’s, actually – my main resolution has been simple: To keep my actions in line with my intentions. Well, it sounds simple, doesn’t it? I mean, you think “Hey, I bet So-and-so would like these cookies. I’ll pack some up and bring them over!”, or “I bet the table would look pretty with new placemats.” How hard is that?

Well, in my book it rated going to the top of the resolutions (“goals”, if you will) list a second time around.

I’m not saying that last year was a failure. In fact, just realizing that there was a disparity between the two was enough to make me more aware throughout the year. As a team, my husband and I are acting faster now, but still…. We could do more. I’m talking about the simple things: popping birthday cards in the mail, fixing my husband his favorite meal, actually donating the bags of clothes that were set aside months ago. All of these good intentions are, in the end, worthless if they never materialize.

If these tendencies are all too familiar to you, don’t be discouraged. So far, I’ve learned that two keys are preparedness and lightning quick reflexes. My next step is to gather up the extras so that I can package little gifts at a moment’s notice. You know, padded envelopes, stamps, presentable containers (so that I’m not digging around for an old parmesan tub when I have something tasty to share) – that type of thing. The way that your offering is received makes no difference; the spirit in which it’s presented counts for everything. So join me, won’t you? Choose action this year! You’ll be so happy you did.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go *do* something instead of babbling on about it some more….


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  1. If you make that thick chocolate bread cake stuff again I will gladly eat it out of a dog dish…

  2. I found this post very inspiring as i have the same difficulties putting my intentions into actions. Thanks for writing this.


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