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Simple Luxuries

Blair’s question yesterday was right in line with my Valentine-y mood. I’ve already mentioned how much I love February, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Not all of the roses and diamonds and stuff. It just gets to be a little much, right? The aisles filled with decorations on January 2nd gave me a headache, and I consider myself pretty festive (at least in spirit). But a day devoted to love? Count me in!

Anyway, today is all about the small things – literally – that brighten up an ordinary day for me. First of all, this picture was taken on my cutting table in our workroom. The fact that I have a table just for cutting and a workroom makes me so happy. It just feels so official and important, you know? Oh, my husband is going to get a workstation for one side of the room, which makes it “ours”. The fact that I’ve outgrown my side like a snake would its cage? I’d rather not discuss it.

Numi Dry Desert Lime tea is kind of an acquired taste. The first time I had a cup, I thought “Hmm – kind of musty.” Not as off-putting as that sounds, just different. Let me tell you, now I’m hooked. It’s got this sour/salty thing going that I love. Kevin says it tastes like hot lemonade, and that’s in no way a compliment, but I say that just means more for me. I have a cup a day habit.

Ah, the iPod. I didn’t know how much I wanted you until you were mine. Mom knew, though, and that’s why she surprised me with it for Christmas. There’s just something about listening to music through headphones that makes me so happy. Nothing to diffuse the sound, no distracting background noise – just music that I selected. No longer do I have to worry that the volume is going to disturb the baby, or perhaps the neighbors. The only downsides to the whole iPod experience have been figuring out how to load it properly [I’m pretty sure there’s a better way] and coming to the realization that I am really getting old. How can I be so far outside of the musical loop? Is it possible that the late 80s/early 90s were all that great?  Shhh – leave me with my illusions for now. This is the topic of a whole ‘nother discussion.

OK, I’m off to the kitchen with high hopes for my next endeavor. The salt alone cost $8.00, so failure is not an option. Wish me luck!


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  1. i have the same problem loading my ipod. i know i had a lot more songs by mel tillis on there at some point. i got bev one for vday, she’s on her own.

  2. Hi Meg,
    I stumbled on your blog while browsing through flickr. Your beautiful pictures got me. Being my curious self I had to have a look on your blog. Like you I have been lurking on so many wonderful blogs (for quite some time now). It is so inspirational. I love seeing all these beautiful, creative, handmade things. And a blog is a nice way for showing ones achievements (or even the failures – not everything can go right at the first try ;o) to a wide audience.
    I love your style of writing and I can relate to a lot of things you write about. Isn’t it strange how connected one can fell (without actually meeting the “real person behind”) just by reading the everyday posts? As you put it “my lost tribe”

  3. A room with a cutting table. Simple joy indeed! There have been problems with the latest Ipod software. You should check out the site for patches and the such.
    I’d like to try that tea.


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