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InStitches Sew Along February: Eye Mask

Here’s my February submission for the InStitches Sew Along. Some may consider the “sign” redundant; I consider it politely emphatic. The theme this month was the eye mask and/or the bedside organizer, with embellishment. For mine, I used the famous freezer paper stencil technique for the lettering, and rickrack trim. The stenciling is something I believe I’ll be doing over and over – it’s so cool! – and I’ll also be working on my rickrack technique. I should have allowed for a little more ease or something, because it’s way too taut. Also, I opted to use elastic for the band instead of the suggested ribbon ties. The ribbons seem a little fussy to me, like they would constantly be coming loose or tangled in your hair.

And now it’s time for a little segment I like to call Sewing Secrets:

Secret #1: Following a Pattern

The first important key to successfully following a pattern is this:

Wait for it-

Read the pattern.

Read it thoroughly before you begin. Then proceed to Step 1, and read it again.  Continue to repeat this method for each step. Do not give it a quick glance and decide that you’ve “got it”, because odds are you do not.

I’d already decided that I was going to tweak this pattern a little, what with the elastic band and the alternate quilting. [I hand-quilted around the lettering, and then machine-quilted the box pattern around it to flatten it out a little more.] Still, it would have gone more smoothly had I thought the project through to completion. Specifically, I would have cut out the rectangles as directed instead of (foolishly) cutting out the mask pieces before quilting. Which brings us to –

 Sewing Secret #2: Planning Your Project (or perhaps: Plan Your Project)

Think it through. All the way through.

I think that speaks for itself.

The bedside organizer looks like a great project, and I think I’ll come back to it in the future, but I’m feeling a little to fragile for it right now. Too many words in the instructions, too much fabric involved – definitely for another time.


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  1. holy cow! This is absolutely fantastic. I love it!!

  2. Very cute and creative. Again, I think your issues will resolve when the pollens leave our air! I’ve only had allergies for the past few years. I never knew they could effect my brain as much as they do!

    So wordy patterns aren’t good, huh? My diaper bag pattern is turning out to be one WORDY, wordy pattern. I have diagrams, but lots of words, too. Really wordy, kind of like this comment is wordy. :o)

  3. You know, I got the Amy Butler book for Christmas and the wordy patterns just turn me right off. Give me Ikea like instructions! But the advice for first reading the pattern, then re-reading it is spot on. Very helpful tip and applies to cooking recipes too. I’ve been known to use the word “recipe” in place of pattern from time to time. People look at me funny when I do that.

  4. Haha! I love it.
    Read directions and think something through?!!! Bite your tongue! Haha! I think those two things were item 4 on my list. One day, I will actually do it.


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