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Tapping In to My Inner Girl Scout

Generosity can take many forms. Of course, there’s the obvious – free with your funds – but you certainly don’t have to be wealthy to embody a generous spirit. Maybe you tend to give the gift of your time, or are quick with an encouraging word. Who doesn’t need someone like that in their life? By using these gifts, you’re making the world a better place.

Can you tell I’ve been thinking about CAOK II? It strikes me (again – you may remember this post) that I actually tend to naturally lean another way: generous in theory. As in thinking of the perfect gift three weeks after it’s needed. Or realizing that I could have helped someone out long after the crisis has passed. I wish I could do more, but somehow manage not to. Ah, but if only I had more money/time/name-your-excuse…. Then – oh yes! then – I would do something!

These girls have got the right idea: Be prepared! I would add to that “Be aware”. The first step in showing care to others is having an idea of what they need, or what might be helpful to them, or would simply brighten their day. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive in order to be successful. The cookies in the picture will be going to someone who is far from home and could use a little treat. Now I can’t take too much credit for being prepared this time – the ingredients just happened to be in the fridge – but at least I managed to act fast for a change! Maybe you’re making a big pot of soup or a casserole for dinner this week. It might be just as quick to double the recipe and bring a meal over to a friend. I mean really, who doesn’t appreciate a night off from kitchen (or drive-thru) duty? Or maybe you come across your favorite craft magazine at the store. Pick up a copy for one of your partners in crime – you know they want it! These are pretty small acts, sure, but aren’t a bunch of little things sprinkled throughout the days better than one grand gesture someday?


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  1. I love the CAOK concept and wish everyone on the planet would try to do this as a regular part of daily life. Your cookies are a nice gesture and I agree that little acts mean as much as big ones in sending love and care out into the world.

  2. I love tortilla pie…

  3. You can take all the credit. How many of us have the ingredients but don’t take the time? Fabulous!!

  4. Thanks Meme! I was so excited…and than I realized there were two other layers of cookies underneath. It really was the best suprise:)


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