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New “Shoes”

Yes, I’m referring to the saying “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.” That would be the story of my boy’s life, so yesterday I started sewing up some goodies just for him: some pajama pants and a new friend.

Pajama pants and skirts are my specialties when it comes to garment-sewing. By “specialties”, I mean “onlies” [is that a word?]; I plan on working up my nerve for shirts and stuff in the future. Maybe. Anyway, when it comes to sewing for a toddler boy, I’ve limited my scope to embellishing store-bought shirts and whipping up pajama pants. Once I get the fit right, I can crank out a few pair in an afternoon. On a side note, let me tell you that it is possible to screw up the sizing for a 6-month-old. The first pair of pants I made for Joey made him look like an old man in Sansabelts: high and trim – so trim – through the waist and buttocks and then relaxed through the leg. They were ridiculous, and a good reminder not to cut into all of your cutest flannel without first making a sample pair (which I did, for a change, which was something of a miracle.)

I can remember the day that we found out we were expecting a boy, which was something of a shock considering we had nothing but nieces in our family before he made his appearance. I should have known when I was having such an impossible time deciding on girl names! Anyway, the first thing we did after leaving the doctor’s office was shop for his first little outfit and to see if we could get any ideas for the nursery decor. What a mistake. The outfits for boys were all horrible – that’s where my dislike for the powder blue/pale yellow combo started to fester – and the nursery choices…. Well, they weren’t as cute as the ones for girls. After I started crying (hey, I was pregnant!), we decided to go home and sleep on it a while. Of course it all worked out, you know, and I can’t imagine having it any other way. There are plenty of cute things for him to wear, and I love the nursery colors/theme we used, even if we did get a lot of strange looks from friends. (His crib quilt features space aliens – think Monsters Inc., not Close Encounters – with lots of turquoise and lime green. I still love it!) But when it comes to crafting, I’m still a little bit at a loss.

It’s so much easier crafting for girls. Part of that, of course, stems from the fact that a full 80% of the fabric I have screams “GIRL!”, and they’re bringing out new lines every day. It has been a great season for gender-neutral patterns, though; I’m crazy – foaming at the mouth crazy – for this collection. I’m sure that once my baby gets older and more vocal, I’ll have more ideas. In the meantime, though, at least bedtime will be chock-full of Mama’s handmade love.


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  1. Know what? It really does have something to do with being pregnant! Mike couldn’t believe I was in Kohl’s crying because I couldn’t find the “right” girl outfit after we found out we were having a girl. I didn’t want “pale pink and frilly – and NO LACE! Ummm, what’s left? Now I know with baby #2 to head straight to Old Navy. That being said when I think back on one of the little outfits I bought for your shower…sorry…

    Next time I’ll hire you to make some cute flannel jams…for your little one…it’s the thought, right?

  2. i’m loving the stripes and colors on that robot! i’ve yet to make one, but may in the future. i know what you mean about boy stuff – have you seen this flickr group?

    some of it’s better than others – but there’s some great ideas in there!

  3. You are SO right about it being easier to sew for girls. I was going to mention the flicker group to you as well, but good for Kirsten – she even went so far as to find the link for you!

    You’re a step ahead of me since you’ve made some pj bottoms. Clothes still scare me…

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