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Have you seen this line of fabric yet? Love it! My first thought was, “I have to have it”, but it’s not out yet so my mind then wandered into d.i.y. mode. The combination of colors and patterns inspired this applique/collage here. I only made this panel, mostly because I didn’t want to commit too much time to an experiment. While it’s not exactly how I’d envisioned it, I’m pretty jazzed about trying it again. And I like the little cushion! I went with a spa blue and chocolate brown fabrics for the living room when we moved in, but it’s gotten sort of matchy-matchy for my taste. Splashes of this watermelon color might break that up a little.

There was one leftover bird, so I used it for this:

Um, wait, it’s March already?! How did this happen? Anyway, I needed a new calendar page so – bam! – iron on a bird and scribble in the rest. Done and done. By the way, the d.i.y. calendar? Yeah, I didn’t like any of the ones I was finding in the store back in January, so I had the brilliant idea of making one myself because, with all my supplies, it would be practically free. Except I’d thrown away my watercolor paper. And the new paper cost more than the discounted calendars. And I lost interest in making it right after I’d watercolored the 12 background pages. Sooo…it’ll probably continue to be a make-as-you-go project. It’s probably for the best; no re-dos!

Happy March!


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  1. Sooo cool! I love it…kind of starting to hate you…but I love what you make! :0)

  2. Why did you have to show me that? You KNOW I’m on a fabric diet!! I guess I had better start sewing and selling so that I can afford some of that yummy fabric.
    Your callendar is looking pretty neat!

  3. Wow! That is a great idea! (like i need any new ideas to add to the list!)

    You have way more energy than me, We have ended up with some ugly calendars because that was all there was. I am liking with years though… Far Side…heehee gotta love em!

  4. I love it! And yes, I’ve seen the fabric and drooled over it but I didn’t buy. Don’t ask my why when it is perfect.

  5. Gorgeous Meg!! Love that fabric 🙂

  6. Your pillow does look fabulous! That fabric from Moda will be out this month. That Girlfriends scrolly print is one of my all-time favorites.

  7. I love it! Came out great. Colors are perfect.

    Aren’t you clever with a unique calendar like that.

    If this was my project I’d still be planning January . . . .

  8. Yum! You’ve topped the Moda fabric I believe. Inspiring!

  9. Wow – you did a great job without the fabric! And I like the calendar idea.


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