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Manly -Yes- But I Like It,Too

Due to technical difficulties, we were without internet access for a couple of days, but it seemed like a week! Boy, the computer sure is a time-sucker, isn’t it? I didn’t realize how often I just pop in to check email or have a quick read until yesterday, when I didn’t have the option. It seemed like a very long afternoon indeed.

Anyway, the time was well spent. I finally managed to turn part of my pile of “to do” fabric into a new bag for the boy.

His old tote was too big for him – he looked like he was running away with my purse – and he doesn’t like backpacks, so I went with a lunch-bag. It’s just the right size for his diapers, clothes and snacks. I interfaced it with insulated batting with the hope that it will keep his apple juice reasonably cool for longer than five minutes. The pattern came from the book Sew Gifty, on loan from Mom’s crafty library. I don’t know why I even search for patterns without first checking her sewing room; you think I’d learn. After I made it, though, I realized that I’ve made this bag many times without the lid. Or a pattern, for that matter. That having been said, this was a pretty user-friendly project/pattern, even for a beginner.

Oh, do you like my other new bag?

This was waiting for me when I got home on Wednesday. Woo-hoo!! Thank you, Kelli! You couldn’t have known this, but that’s one of my favorite Nancy Drew covers. Now I just need to pack this baby and toss it in the roadster for my next adventure!


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  1. Um, yeah I like your other bag! Reminds me of my youth. That boy bag is sure to please too.

  2. Cute bags! I love Nancy Drew, I wish I had that bag from Kelli!

  3. Really like the number bag. Perfect for a little one. Easy to get into and perfect straps.

  4. Oh, and I forgot — the Nancy Drew bag — LOVE IT!!!

  5. Great bag you made!
    I wondered where that Nancy Drew bag would end up when I saw it on Kelli’s blog. It’s so cute! I have that exact book downstairs in my basement, waiting for the day there might be some girls around here to read it.


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