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Note to Self: Eat Your Vegetables!

Yes, time for another of my guilty secrets: I don’t eat nearly enough vegetables. Oh, it’s not that I don’t like them; it’s just that I forget to prepare them. “Forget” is probably not the right word. I neglect to prepare them? Definitely more accurate.

You see, although I like to cook and love to dream up delicious meals, I seem to run out of inspiration by the time I’ve finished planning the main course. When I was single, I was pretty dedicated to one pot meals, namely tomato soup. I ate it several times a week for many the year. No, really. So it was a little shock to my system to have to plan a different meal for every night of the week. And with side dishes? Yikes. That is rough. Actually, it’s still considered an extra special week around here if I have meals planned for an entire week. Here’s a fun fact: Apparently, when you choose the homemaker career path, you’re expected to work a 7-day week as opposed to the standard 5. This tidbit is not included in the welcome packet; it is merely assumed.

It took me a while to absorb that information. The better part of three years, to be exact, but – good news, Honey! – it’s finally taking hold.

Luckily, for the sake of all of our health, spring and summer come rolling around to the produce aisle with all of their delicious treats. Asparagus has been the house favorite for the past few weeks. Roasted asparagus fits the Make It Snappy criteria: minimal ingredients that can be thrown together in a *snap*. [See what I did there? Hah?] Here’s the recipe I use, and I think you’ll agree that the word “recipe” is kind of an overstatement. It’s super easy and so tasty. In the words of the immortal Sam I Am, “Try it try it and you’ll see!”

Come on – try it!


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  1. I’m afraid I’ve resorted to the microwavable kind. 🙂

  2. I saw the hidden message to me…my old pal Meme…

  3. hmm I love asparagus, I’m going to have to try that recipe

  4. Asparagus is always a favorite at our house, too. And despite the fact that I work full-time, I am also the house chef – so I’ve had to come up with some ways to keep us on the healthy dinner path, too.

    My usual though, is to just choose a type of salad (right now Greek salad: baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, feta, lemon vinegrette), prep all the ingredients beforehand, store them in gladware and serve with every dinner throughout the week.

    I’ll try your asparagus soon though – I think Bubba may be tiring of spinach. Seeing as he asked me the other night if we ever get to have “regular lettuce” again. D’oh.


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