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…and pinning, and ripping out the seams, and re-pinning….

Just picking up yesterday’s thread on the joy and pain that is prep work. How could I forget the mid-project preparation continuation? When you have to take your partially finished work and pin it to other pieces? Then, just when you think you’re rounding the corner to the finish line – SMACK! – you realize you’ve botched it all up and need to bring in your old friend the seam ripper. Yes, the seam ripper, which has a very delicate temperament and cannot be rushed lest it should rebel against you and tear into your fabric, rendering you a weeping mess.

Well, this fine project had all of those elements, minus the tearing and the weeping. I’m not normally a hat person, mostly because I have a hard time finding one that doesn’t make me feel conspicuous. I am, however, a person that fries in the sun and tends to squint if there’s the least bit of glare, so maybe there is a hat person inside of my just yearning to be free. I don’t know. The pattern looked so easy and cute that I had to give it a shot. If you have the Lotta Jansdotter Simple Sewing book, you might even notice that my photo is a sad little tip of the hat [sorry — too punny?] to the one that accompanies the Sun Hat pattern. It was hard to get a good shot by myself, especially on such a weird cloudy day. Anyway, you know what? All in all, I’m a big fan of this book. This pattern -the second one I’ve tried- was fairly quick and easy, but the instructions were a little sketchy. Once you make the hat, the instructions say to repeat the steps for the lining, but you don’t actually attach the lining crown to the brim until you get to step 3. Thankfully, I was having trouble figuring this out and read through the whole thing before I tried to attach it, so for once I didn’t have to rip it out and try again at the very end.

Oh, but as I mentioned before, there was ripping. When I attached the outer crown and top to the brim, I decided to try it on to see if it was worth continuing. Little did I suspect that I had such an unusually bulbous head. The hat only came over the very top of my forehead, and was so tight that it gave me an instant headache. I looked like I was wearing Ma Ingalls’ bonnet. Then I stopped to think about it — maybe I had the crown sewn in upside down? Only one way to find out. Sooo, after 10 minutes of ripping, turns out that I was right about being wrong. Flipped it over, pinned and pinned and re-pinned (oh the joy of working with rings of fabric!) and…success! A hat that fits over my head!

Speaking of pins and pinning, maybe tomorrow I’ll share with you my love of freezer paper patterns. Only if you’re very good, of course. (How will you be able to sleep?!)


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  1. Still sooo sassy – I love it! And I’m so proud of you for letting your followers get a glimpse of how cute you are…a very tiny glimpse… :0)

  2. Is this book worth the cash? I haven’t yet seen it. Although that hat? Freaking adorable. And you in it? Seriously looking like a preppy spy!

  3. Oh my gosh, I have been planning to do this hat since I got the book and yours is the first one I’ve seen in Blogland. Cute! Now I’ll know who to call when I get confused, b/c I agree – her instructions are a bit sketchy at times, especially for a newbie like me.

  4. I used to hate the seam ripper but now I look at it as my best sewing friend. It makes getting things attached properly possible. I have yet to make anything without using it mutltiple times.

  5. Oh, my old friend/foe, the seam ripper. Such a handy tool, yet I really hate to get it out 🙂

    Thanks for the notes on the Lotta Jansdotter patterns. I have the book, but I haven’t sewn anything from it yet. This hat is _definitely_ on my list.

  6. I wouldn’t call the seam ripper my old friend, oh no indeed! LOL That guy is my arch enemy because when I need him most he slips through my fingers and tears and irreparable gash such to cause a slew of interesting words from my mouth. 🙂

  7. Cute CUTE hat. And Brava! for wearing it proudly. I’m not much of a hat person,in the sense that I don’t look particularly good in them, but I have an odd attraction.

    There’s some big ol sunhat pattern from Amy Butler that I’m trying out soon. I’m sure I’ll post freaky photos of myself wearing it.

    Meanwhile, the seam ripper and I are not on speaking terms.

  8. I have to say, I like the hat you made and am wondering if we, indeed, had the same book. Maybe it’s because I’m still a novice, but my hat turned out terrible! I didn’t even bother finishing the lining. The brim was so long that I couldn’t see the ground in front of me while walking. I have made the checkbook cover and the all-day tote from Lotta’s book. The checkbook cover was extrememly quick and easy and looked great, but I found the tote to be very floppy even using heavy canvas. Her drawing and instructions leave something to be desired for a book called “Simple Sewing”. Sorry if I’m sounding grumpy, maybe I’ll have better luck with some of the other projects, but I’m wishing I had bought Amy Butler’s book instead!


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