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More Lotta: Reversible Apron

This is the aforementioned apron, which was made using another pattern from the Lotta Jansdotter book. I would’ve shared it with you sooner, but this is the first sunny day we’ve had this week and I have to tell you, it was a real pain getting a decent self-portrait in this thing. Anyway, here it is in all its splendor. I hereby decree it the Best (Full) Apron Ever!

Wonder what’s so great about it? Here’s the thing that separates it from the pack: the generous bib section. Note how it does not actually look like a traditional bib, which on me always looks like a sad overstuffed dickey that’s come loose from its shirt. It’s not a good line on most women, people! And I’m not all that proficient when it comes to altering patterns, so I’ve never successfully adjusted an apron to fit so well. No adjustments were necessary with this pattern. If your proportions are less generous, imagine how cute you’ll be in one of these! It’s practically a full (quite stylish) smock, thanks to the side panels. It’s also reversible, which saves you from all of the tedious hemming.

Now I will admit that the slightly clownish fabric combo is due to my frugality/hoarding issues. The pattern takes almost a full yard of each fabric and I didn’t want to sacrifice one of my more prized pieces for another failed attempt at an apron, and I certainly wasn’t going to buyeven more fabric. My high hopes have been dashed more than once. That having been said, I do like these prints and will be making good use of this gal, and also have another one in the w.i.p. stack. It was all I could do not to cut out a bunch, frankly, but I know better than to get that gung-ho. There will be more, though.

By the way, I’m so glad y’all liked the freezer paper pattern tip yesterday! I’ll thank my mom for you, since she originally turned me on to this method. Anyway, I usually figure that if it was useful to me, maybe it’ll be helpful to another crafter. Secretly, though, I suspect that everyone else is really at home going, “Um, yeah, who doesn’t know that?”, so thanks for proving me wrong in that respect!


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  1. It looks great! I am glad that you gave that pattern a good review. I am still new to sewing and I feel the same way about my fabric. My stash is small, but I wouldn’t want to waste it.

  2. Beautiful apron! And the fabric combo doesn’t look funky. I think it works, and I like it.

  3. Nice job! I’m thinking this would be a good gardening apron.

  4. Cute! I have this book on my wish list. I need lots-o coverage up top, so this would work nicely for me 🙂

  5. I’m with you on using what you have on hand for cool projects like this apron. I should make one and call it a bib, it would save all sorts of clothes from my staining self. I think the green side is really cute.

  6. Um, I love this. Not a little, but a whole lot. So cute! And I have the same problem with most aprons. They cover the space between my breasts just fine. But I’ve got hooters on either side that go un-aproned. It isn’t pretty.
    This however is very pretty. I like the fabrics together too!

  7. So cute! And I love the fit. I think I have this fabric (the green) – is it a home decor weight from Joanne’s? If so, have you tried washing it? I’ve mostly used this type fabric for bags so I’ve never tried washing it.

  8. I think you’re stylin’ in that thing. Perfect for those of us in the blessed department! LOL


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