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Deceptively Simple

Sometimes these so-called quick projects take on a life of their own. Exhibit A: The playmat pictured to our right. It started out as a receiving blanket; I wanted something to match the bibs I’d already made. Seeing that I was down to pretty narrow strips of every one of the fabrics I’d used, I decided to sew them together and make a border for the solid white cotton square, and then just back it with a coordinating flannel. Once the front was all pieced and pressed, though, it seemed a little bit elaborate for a receiving blanket. Well, say – playmat it is! Sandwich in some batting, turn, close, quilt the center and it’s done. A one hour project in just under two days (which does include time for staring into space and general hemming & hawwing.) Tell you the truth, though, the whole process was so much fun. That is, right up until I got to the tiny bit of quilting, where the fabric started to pucker despite the use of a walking foot. Stupid walking foot.

I am proud to say, though, that this is the very first time – ever! – that I actually remembered to add the ties to the side so that the mat can be rolled up and tucked neatly into a bag. Ta-da! Sure, I had to open up the seam and add them after the mat was done, but it hadn’t been gift-wrapped yet. That’s progress, Friends – significant progress.


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  1. Ugh – puckering can really drive me NUTS! That’s why I only make little quilts these days. I can’t imagine how much puckering there would be by the end of a queen-sized quilting line. Have you tried free-motion quilting? That’s sometimes a bit more forgiving, but I’m no expert here.

    I like the quilt. I made one with muslin in the middle like that once and thought it looked so “Little house”-ish. Very pretty.

  2. It’s so lovely! Puckering issues drive me crazy, too, but I keep trying to improve–one of these days I’ll conquer the pesky little things.

  3. Love this! So cute. And the ties are a great idea!

  4. It turned out fantastic! Good for you for remembering the ties. 🙂

  5. that looks great! I love it! And I bet it will get more use as a play mat than a receiving blanket. Good call on the ties!

  6. Hurray!!! It looks very nice.


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