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OK, so our household’s annual Conservation Month has come to a close. Um, it would not bear mentioning had I not spoken about it back at the start of our endeavor.

To sum up: total.bust.

Well, almost. I did manage to use up some of the pantry items that were nearing extinction, and we’re still conserving the paper towels as though they’d been spun from gold. Beyond that, not much to report. Let’s just say that I hope all of the little things you can do to save the earth/energy/sweet cash-dollars that were plastered all over the media on Earth Day are effective.  “Little” I can do. Switch out the light bulbs? Sure. Try to remember to bring the cloth bag I’ve set aside for small trips to the store? Gettin there. One of these days I’ll even finish the arsenal of totes I need for the weekly shopping. Be a little more miserly with some of the discretionary spending? I’ll…look into it. See? Small things call for small steps. Eventually they add up.


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  1. I try to do my share. I’m not over the top with it but I use the cloth bags for the store and I recycle what ever I can. I don’t really have a problem with using paper products since they do decompse more rapidly. I try not to buy any plastic or glass.

  2. Someone turned me onto John Mayer’s blog which, to my surprise, is often very funny. Anyway, he had a post the other day about going “Light Green” for the environment – a middle path between global warming deniers and running your home appliances off a potato. So wear your Light Green badge proudly!


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