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Sewing Super Genius: 1st Installment

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Become a Sewing Super Genius: Small tips that have cut down on the amount of times I have to slap myself in the head and shout “Idiot!”

Join me on my journey to becoming a Sewing Super Genius….*

This is just a quick tip, or, to be more accurate, most likely a reiteration of a tip that you’ve already heard. Have you ever seen the advice to use a little starter square when you’re chain-piecing? Basically, you start your stitches on a scrap rather than the first piece of your quilt block. I’m sure (quite sure in fact, Mom) that my mom passed this little tidbit along to me when I was first starting to quilt a few years ago. I’m also reasonably sure that I’d “forgotten” to use this advice because it takes an extra 2.3 seconds to sew and then cut off that scrap; rest assured it had nothing to do with not wanting to waste the precious inch of fabric. Can I just tell you that this very small step makes a huge difference? Huge. No more scrunched up seam allowances on the first piece of the chain! Really, if you’ve not tried this, do yourself a favor and add a little flag to your next quilt block or strip set or whatever. I already feel just *that* much closer to being a Sewing Super Genius!

[*Target date for achieving SSG status: 2025.]


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  1. Ha! Love the SGS tips idea. could we get badegs for mastering each tip like in Girscouts? That’d be cool!

  2. Very funny. I have used the starter piece because I used to sew on my grandmother’s sewing machine which has the tendancy to take a little bit to “warm up” to sewing. I don’t use it anymore with my new machine. I guess I should if I want to ever be a SSG.

  3. Love this tip! It’s really a great simple idea, but it really wouldn’t have occured to me. I was sewing last weekend and I hated the fact that the stitches were all scrunched up in the beginning. Do you just butt the fabric side by side?

  4. Surely you can move the target date up. You’ve already had so many good sewing tips. Maybe knock 10 or so years off. You’re almost there! I’ll make my target date 2050. :o)

  5. I’m waiting for the 3 am infomercial – “You, too, can be a Sewing Super Genius. In just 3 easy payments…”

    I look forward to future tips to aid in my own quest on the way to SSG status!


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