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A Little Something Between Loads

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That’s stretching it a little. Phase One of this tote was completed days ago, but it stalled out a little when I realized I didn’t have the right color trim on-hand. Fixed that up today, and then managed to wrap this up between loads of laundry.

You know, I hate the extra steps involved in fooling with interfacing, but it really makes a huge difference in the end result. I used craft weight sew-in Pellon for this bag, and this girl’s gonna hold her shape. Sews up well, too, even though it would seem like you won’t be able to get your needle through anything that thick. The only problem I have is when I go to topstitch the rim, the lining creeps up over the body. That’s after pressing it and everything. Frustrating! No…wait…let me re-phrase that: What I like to do with this kind of bag is let a little bit of the lining peek up over the top. It’s kind of my signature touch.

[That, my friends, is what we call “The Spin Cycle”.]

Last night I had trouble sleeping (because it was hot! – sorry), and every time I woke up I found myself trying to come up with different fabric combos for the skirts that I’d like to make. Actually, I was having trouble coming up with much, and I think that may have been part of what kept interrupting my sleep. Does that qualify as a sickness? No no – don’t tell me. I choose to believe that it does not, and is really only a side-effect of enjoying the creative process. Yes, that’s what it is alright: a perfectly healthy creative mind at work.


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  1. Great bag!! I agree with you, interfacing is a pain! It does make a huge difference though.

  2. Very cute tote but wait, that is my signature touch 😉

  3. Yep, that bag turned out fabulous!

  4. Love the bag. I think I have that same stripey fabric. You’re not alone in the sleep category! I am always doing that, thinking of different things to make and how to sew them.


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