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InStitches Sew Along May: Short Pleated Apron

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Look, I’ll get this out of the way right off the bat: I was pretty sure I wouldn’t like this apron. Something about the pleats, memories of half-aprons gone wrong in the past – I don’t know – just soured me before the project even began.

I was so wrong. Apron, I love you – please forgive me.

What a fun little piece of work this turned out to be! First of all, I love this fabric combination. Is it wrong for me to say that, seeing as how I picked it out? Well, be that as it may, I love it. Thanks to you, good people of Alexander Henry, for your great design choices. Anyway, I had no intention of using them together when I bought them (separately), but I really wanted to use the apples and pears print, and this green piece was the best match in my collection. Imagine that – two A. Henry pieces that work together! With that decision out of the way, the rest of the project was a cake walk. Easy instructions, no pattern pieces, and very few steps when you get right down to it. Zip zip zip. There were only two minor incidents, both complete op errors:
1. When I was attaching the towel loop on the generous main panel, it seemed like kind of an awkward place to put it and I was tempted to move it in just a skosh. I decided to stick to the directions, which turned out to be a smart move; I’d forgotten about the pleats. Oh. Not such a generous panel after all. I think it’s safe to say that the towel loop would’ve been less than flattering sticking out the front of the apron.
2. Seeing as how the Tie One On theme this month is pockets, I thought I’d get cute with this one. Had an idea to make an apple-shaped pocket, cut and stitched it – yadda yadda yadda – wasn’t so cute. Went back and attached the one called for in the pattern. Much better.
That second point brought back a memory from 5th grade that’s scarred me, apparently for life. Right before the Christmas break, our class spent two entire days making ornaments to take home. There was one that was a bear in a hat and vest. (What’s the holiday significance of a dapper bear, you ask? I wish I knew.) The teacher encouraged us to get creative and told us about other students that changed up the hats or whatever. I guess she wasn’t talking to all of us, though, because when I brought mine up for review, she said “Why don’t you just stick to the pattern?”

Oh. OK.

I smiled and nodded excitedly, like it was such a great idea, and slunk back to my desk. Oh the shame!
So, friends, I thought I’d save you the trouble of gently asking the same question today; believe me when I tell you that you would have been sorely tempted. Some things are better left to the professionals.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to have to make some more of these.


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  1. Oh, a dapper bear, a gentleman bee…it all makes sence to me! Anywho, the apron: soooo cute! You look so 40’s. The decade, not the age! My very favorite decade…

  2. Such cute apples! I love it! I went with cherries, so we’re *right there* on the fruit thing. The photo is great. I feel like your name is Flo and I’m ordering eggs over easy at a diner somewhere in the 50s. Wicked cute.

  3. Your apron looks so cute! I’ve been hearing great things about this pattern.. I guess I better get started!

  4. I left a comment on your Fllickr photo site but want to add here that this In Stitches Sew-along is ever so much fun and I love seeing everyone’s projects. Your apron turned out so fabulous–the fabric, the colors, and your little story about it echoes some things I was thinking as I was working on my project. Great job!

  5. Great job, love the fabric! isn’t this a wonderful pattern?!?! Soooo easy and cute!

  6. Your bear story is so sad! Teachers (idols to kids) have no idea how we take their comments to heart! Didn’t you hear – bears are the new reindeer.

    Super cute apron and fabric combo!

  7. I was afraid of this pattern, mainly because I’m not a fan of hald aprons, but I may give it a shot. It looks so cute on you!!

  8. Very Cute. And definitely a loop sticking out of the front of the apron would have made for an inteststing blog picture. :o)


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