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The Month is Still Young

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I was right on-board when Sew, Mama, Sew declared this month Skirt Month. Unfortunately, I’d finished the first skirt of for 2007 during the last week of April and then promptly lost interest in sewing skirts. Sooo…took a little while to get my mojo back, but back it is, Baby! Here’s the proof: the first one in the stack has been completed.

I used the Favorite Things “Cute Skirts” pattern, and opted to add the gores. I’ve made it with and without the gores, and both of them made me pretty happy. Say, I don’t know what it is this year, but I’m not having a lot of luck finding good skirt fabric. Hmm – let me re-phrase that: I’m not having a lot of luck finding good bargain skirt fabric this season. (There’s plenty of great good stuff to be had, I’m sure we can all agree.) Luckily, the main fabric is an old faithful that I bought several years ago. Despite the fact that I’ve cut into it over and over again, there was still a 2 1/2-yard piece left. (Oh yeah – used to be when I found something I liked, I bought a HUGE chunk of it. Those days are so over, in part because years later I might still have yards of it on the shelf. *ahem*) My original intention was to go for a bolder contrast with the gores, but it just wasn’t working for me. When I spied remnants from a sheet that I’d picked up on clearance last year (another gift that has kept on giving), it became the clear favorite. It didn’t hurt that there would still be some leftover; very low commitment on my part.

I found the pattern is a little bit time-consuming, but only a little, and that’s just because I’m not used to taking the extra step of finishing the seams and hand-sewing the waistband. Even with both of those steps, overall, it’s super easy. I would definitely concur with Megan on the length issue, too. I’m short – just under 5’3″ – and it only comes right below my knee. Works out alright for me, but it might be a bit skimpy on someone less hobbity. Truth be told, I meant to lengthen the pattern this time around but got so excited about being able to cut all eight pieces at once with this fabric that I completely forgot. Oops. Sure not a big enough deal to be worth starting over!


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  1. Sooo pretty and sassy…looks beyond difficult to make!

  2. Very cute!. I need to get going on my own skirt. I have everything. I just need to do it. I’m thinking tomorrow might be the night to cut it out. I shouldn’t say that out loud. I don’t want anything to come up.

  3. I love your skirt, the gores really add a nice extra detail. I had the same skirt issue as I made a couple before I knew about the skirt sew-along–ah well, such is life.

  4. Look at you go! I just love it. Work the skirt.


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