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Move These to the Almost Done Pile

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Sometimes the dreading is far worse than the doing. Such was the case with these two little quilts. The orange and blue one may look familiar; I started it about a month ago. [What do you wanna bet this story will have a familiar ring to it? Oh it will.] Not feeling up to the challenge of finding pieces large enough to make the back, I instead moved on to the top for the quilt on the left…waited two weeks…and decided to bite the bullet and piece both backs.

Um, the backs turned out to be remarkably easy once I got into the idea of using up large cuts of some old friends. Well, who knew?

…wait another week or two….

Y’all, this is such an easy quilt. The instructions don’t even call for traditional binding and quilting; you just stack up the layers right sides together, stitch all the way around, and turn it right side out. How hard is that? Especially since the backing and batting were a little bit larger than the top. Turns out that really cuts down on the shifting and stuff that I usually have trouble with.

I’ll file that under “information that would have been useful when I was on the playmat kick last summer”. I can’t tell you how many times I had to pluck out the stitching to go back and catch one of the layers. You might think it was actually that experience which led me to drag my feet on these. If so, you would be correct.

Now all that’s left is the hand-quilting, which looks pretty simple but I don’t want to rush into it. No, musn’t be hasty. Still, I’ll slate that task for the near future, seeing as how I’d like to actually use mine this summer.


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  1. Thanks for the tip abou the backing and batting! Sometimes I stall on starting certain projects because past experience tells me that it’s going to be a struggle at certain points. Then I remember why I wanted to make the project in the first place and I get on with it and find that things I’ve learned previously help me through the bad spots. Your quilts are going to be wonderful and what I see so far is lovely.


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