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Sew What? That’s What!

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As promised, here’s the first skirt that I’ve made so far using Sew What! Skirts. Oh, but it won’t be the last. Let me tell you, it may not look like much (especially judging from the humble photo), but I am thrilled with it!


AND ATTACHED RICK RACK, which didn’t even FLIP UP!

OK, before we go on, I feel that I owe you an explanation that’s long overdue. It’s about my review method, because it occurred to me that I may come off as a touch negative. If so, it’s just because I try to include the whole experience, good and bad. Have you ever eaten something really delicious, and asked your friend for the recipe? Then they give you the recipe, you try it out, and have all sorts of little problems. For instance, it says to bake for 45 minutes, but takes over 2 hours to set up in your oven. You think, Man, my oven sucks! Ah, but then you mention it to your friend, who agrees that – yes- they had the same experience. Maybe both of you have crummy ovens, sure, but it helps to know going in that this is something that might happen.

Don’t you wish they’d have mentioned that? Me, too. Anyway, this is my way of painting a complete picture, even though you might not have any of the same crazy issues that I do.

I’ve said more than enough about that, right?

So I’ve had this book for months, but just hadn’t been able to work up the nerve to draft my own pattern. After reading all of the rave reviews, though, I could no longer resist trying. I settled on the “Tourist Trap” pattern; it was pretty straightforward, included a zipper (because I seriously needed to get over the whole fear-of-inserting-a-zipper thing), and it would suit the summery fabric that was on-hand. Time to get out the trusty roll of freezer paper and plot out the pattern. I had a little bit of trouble figuring out the “vital statistics” section, but I think I might have been making it harder than it was. Once I had the pattern worked out and the fabric cut, I held up the front piece to see if it seemed right.

Um, seemed a little skimpy.

No turning back, though – must forge ahead! Let me tell you, between the instructions in the book and this excellent tutorial, putting in the zipper was a breeze. WOO HOO! Really – it was one of those moments when I wanted to call all of my family and friends and tell them about it. It was just great. But here’s the best part of all: when I tried it on, it fit! Just like it was made for me or something. Oh…that’s right, it was. Still, it blew my mind!

By the way, I left off the pockets. I don’t like messing with extras if I’m not sure I’ll like the finished piece. Once the skirt was done, though, I was drunk with success and suddenly did feel like messing with extras. Might as well add a little rick rack to the hem. I looked through all of my books for helpful instructions on what kind of hem to use with this kind of trim, and how to attach it without straining it too much, but couldn’t find this info anywhere. That is: anywhere but in this same book, within the “Singing the Blues” pattern a few pages back. Whaddya know?! Done and done.

I now love this book. We had a rocky few moments with the measurements and some of the basic waistline instructions, but all’s well that ends well. Bookie and I have big plans (if you call 2 more skirts “big plans”); hopefully I can maintain momentum. Sometimes it’s tempting to go out on a high note – it’s good for the ego – but it’s so nice to have something new to wear. Especially when you made it yourself. Holla!!

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  1. wooHOO! I haven’t made a skirt yet, but I know have aprons, lounge pants, and totes checked off! I’ve been collecting skirt tutorials to work up my nerve.

  2. remember the good old days of dial-up when you noticed a typo after clicking submit, and you still had time to cancel and go back and correct it? not any more.

  3. Oh that skirt is so cute! I am planning on trying that pattern next. I was never really a fan or rick rack until recently… and now everywhere I see it I love it!

  4. So cute! I love the ric-rac. Thanks for your reviews – they are very helpful!

  5. Very nice! I tried drafting my own pattern last weekend, and it was only so-so. I’m sure the whole problem is my wacked out body and flubbing my wast to hip measurement. Overall, I really do like this book.

  6. Very cute. The fabric is great as well. I love the rick rack. Aren’t skirts fun to make? I finished my first skirt. As soon as I get pictures, I’ll post it.

  7. Love the skirt! When I started sewing I never intended to make clothes, but you are luring me in with your cute results, tips and honest reviews!

  8. cute skirt! Love the rick-rack!

  9. great skirt and even better story!

  10. Yippee! A zipper in a skirt! I have a half-sewn skirt with a zipper pinned in. I WILL concquer the zipper, though. Soon.

    Cute skirt! Wear it proudly!

  11. Very cute! I may have to get that book next.

  12. Hi! I’m glad you enjoyed my tutorial. It’s kind of fun to photograph a whole project step-by-step. My self-drafted pattern had to be altered a few times. I think I ended taking out most of the ease. I also added darts to the back panel. Now the front and the back are slightly different and the darts make the waist in the back dip down a little. It’s ok and I keep making them, but I think I want to split the difference on the darts and add some to the front so that the panels are even and the waist has more curve on the front, too. Does that make any sense? Anyway, your skirt turned out great. Isn’t it amazing! It feels like you can sew anything — that you can clothes to fit your body. I find it totally empowering.


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