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They Can’t All Be Winners

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This is what I think of you, Breezy Beach Wrap.

Yep, this is another one from my special friend Sew What! Skirts. Unlike its predecessor, though, this one is going in the not-so-successful file. I share it with you only in the  interest of full disclosure and spirit of good faith. Those two things only go so far, though; there will be no photos of me modeling this little number. Believe me – you’re not missing anything.

I may be a lot of things, friends, but clever ain’t one of them. I didn’t have enough fabric to cut an A-line pattern for this one, as directed in the book, so I decided to try it as a straight skirt instead. Apparently, I need more practice grading the hips on straight patterns because I ended up with these strange poochy points at the hips. Then the hem just sort of clung to my knees, which made the skirted part of my body look like an enormous potato wrapped in cheerful seersucker. It just wasn’t what I was going for. Worse yet, it was my stupid modification in the first place so I can’t even get all indignant and blame the book. Grr!

By the way, as mistakes go, at least this one wasn’t a time-consuming one. If I come across another (larger — large enough for the A-line version) piece of fabric in the near future, I’ll give this one another shot. It was ridiculously quick to put together.

Time to find something else. I think skirts and I need a day or two to cool off.

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  1. Yikes…that’s rough! I needed that laugh…thanks. You know, think of this as an Apollo 13 experience…”a successful failure” – no, you don’t have a cute skirt to wear, but I see that this could turn into an adorable little number for Bean. Just a thought…


  2. Hey, the same thing happened to me – weird hip pooches! I decided to get creative and add godets, which is not turning out so hot. (my WIP from Friday). I think I’ll let everyone have a good laugh at me. My skirt is turning out to look quite ridiculous.

  3. I’m thinking the fabric can be salvaged for something else. Off to give my zipper a try! :o)

  4. Ugh, what a bummer. But I admire your bravery in modifying the pattern.

  5. ha ha! Thank you, I need that. Sorry for your troubles. 🙂


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