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You mean you didn’t spend a good portion of your Memorial Day roasting a turkey?


OK, so it’s not exactly a tradition in our house either, but we’ve had one on ice since they were selling for a quarter a pound back in November; today seemed a good a time as any to cook it up. I think I ended up going through this exercise back in July of last year, so technically, I’m ahead of schedule.

To tell you the truth, I kind of enjoy the mid-year turkey dinner. There’s not the “it has to be spectacular!” pressure that goes along with Thanksgiving, and there aren’t any of the pesky traditions that have to, at all costs, be preserved. My dad’s most favorite holiday was Thanksgiving, and it pained him to no end to consider even the slightest change to Mom’s traditional meal. I’ll translate for you: He didn’t want me (or anyone else) to cook it. I was allowed to switch up the sweet potatoes a few years ago, which was quite a coup. Anyway, it made it easy for me to try this recipe for Maple-Tarragon Glazed Turkey with Orange Gravy (from the 11/06 issue of Better Homes and Gardens) without feeling too melancholy over not being able to share it with my pop. He would have summed it up in one word: funky. [It was actually very tasty, and he probably would have agreed, but not at Thanksgiving. Then again, May would have been too late in the year for him to eat turkey. Might take away from the T-Day anticipation. No, seriously. So I probably would just not have mentioned it to him at all anyway.]

Well, regardless of what kind of feasting you did today, I hope everyone had a great weekend. Now go break out the white shoes, friends – it’s SUMMER!!

P.S. If you happened to find your way here via the Flickr Feature on Sew, Mama, Sew, welcome and thanks for stopping by! I’m hoping to squeeze in one more skirt before May comes to a close; we shall see….


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  1. No, he might have said he liked it. Then he would either spit it out and laugh, or cry and beg you not to “make” him eat it…ha, like we could make him do anything… :o)

  2. Ah.. you make me laugh! I love turkey any time of year. I especially love the leftovers for sandwiches. yum yum!


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