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Don’t Call It A Comeback

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Sometimes it pays to go with what you know. At least that’s true in this case: I decided to make a longer version of the Tourist Trap skirt from Sew What! Skirts, and it went together without a hitch. Whew! Skirt-sewing confidence has been restored, zippers and I remain friends – all good. Generally, though, I don’t have very good experiences with my sophomore projects. Oh sure, after Version #1 I’m filled with high hopes and grand plans about cranking out a dozen more of whatever-it-is in assembly line fashion. Then Version #2 is a mess from about the midpoint on, dropping me back to earth with a thud and causing me to abandon that stupid [whatever] forever. FOREVER!

I really like these skirts, though; I’m glad that I wasn’t forced to swear them off for good.

Skirt Month is coming to a close just in time, though. I think I’ve burned myself out temporarily, at least until I come across more bargain fabric compelling enough to jolt me back into the saddle. Besides, the “unfinished” pile is…piling up, so I need to find the motivation to get that back under control.

Can anyone tell me where I left my motivation? I seem to have misplaced it. Probably under one of the piles….


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  1. Very nice! There’s nothing like a tried and true pattern to boost your confidence 🙂 I can’t wait to get back to skirts. I had high hopes of cranking some out during “skirt month”, but too many other things got in the way. Hopefully June will be my skirt month.

  2. If there’s a winner for Skirt Month, you get my vote. I didn’t make it this month but like Beki, I’m hoping June will be it. That’s lovely fabric.

  3. It really turned out terrific. I’m glad you stuck with it. When you find your motivation ask it where mine has been hanging out lately. Probably they’ve been drinking buddies for a while!


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