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Is This the Beginning of the End?

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At this point, it’s hard to say. This could be the year that I have triumph over the harsh growing conditions and blasted swarms of squirrels (and leafminers – freaking destructive leafminers) and actually harvest a delicious tomato or two. You may hear a knock on your door and open it to find me with an armload of basil and/or mint. Oh, yes – this may be that year!

If history has taught me anything, though, it very well may not. There might be a follow-up post sometime around mid-July entitled “Off to the Farmer’s Market: Requiem for a Dream”, or maybe “I Don’t Even Like Tomatoes!”, or – yes – “They Said You Couldn’t Kill Mint, But What Do They Know?”. All likely scenarios, but that’s not what we have here today. What you’re looking at is Hope, my friends, which really must spring eternal.

Well, I didn’t get the memo from Management (which is to say: The Boy) informing me that our workday would begin an hour earlier each day, but apparently that’s our new schedule. Know what that tells me? I should’ve put blackout curtains in his room! Aside from that, I say if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. We took advantage of the early hour to get outside and work on this madness:

That’s our Fern Gully. Those ferns are only gaining strength as the years go on, so we’ve decided to give them new homes. Oh, you might think that they won’t survive the trip to the dump in the big leaf and lawn bags, but I think you underestimate these blasted ferns. Of course, we’re partly to blame. Kevin was sick of looking at this hot mess, so he took the weed-eater to them last fall. I agreed that they looked a little more tame, at least. It wasn’t until a few days ago, after we noticed that they’ve advanced about a foot into the yard, that I remembered that the seeds are on the fronds, and the whacking probably spread those little seeds all over the place.


So we’re uprooting them this time around. See that blank area to the left of the tree? That’s what I cleared out this morning. That little patch took 45 minutes. It’s a good workout, though! Man, they always show these frail-looking old women out in the garden, but let me tell you, those ladies are pretty spry! Mind you, my idea of a good workout (2 years post-partum) is my FitMama dvd, but still – worn out from the yard work. Again.


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  1. LOL Oh my goodness! I’m sitting this year out of the gardening game. I’m in a new house and I want to see what all comes up the first year. Next year I’ll be going gang busters though so watch out! Hope I don’t have some of your gardening woes 🙂

  2. twolimeleaves

    It’s so funny, those of us who live in squirrel-free countries think that they are SO cute!! But clearly they are really destructive and annoying!

  3. It is so hard to grow anything in Texas. Way before I had the kiddos I built the raised bed garden and planted my tomato plants. They grew fabulously, but I was out there watering and watering and watering…and the birds – they liked my tomatoes too. I wish you well this season, though. It’s too much for me, but I know lots of people who have beautiful gardens.

  4. The friggen squirrels can bite me.

    They nibble down my strawberries, bury walnuts in my garden (which then sprout and have to be yanked lest they grow full strength unnoticed among the tomatoes) and now they enrage the dog so going on a walk is nearly impossible if they’re out and about.

    I’ll just say it, they’re a bunch of commie bastards.

    Meanwhile – congrats on the new growth in your garden – it is the happiest time of year for me when I can sit amongst my sprouting plants and watch their daily progress.

    If you figure out how to kill mint, please pass it on.


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