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Making Their Way to China

I’ll tell you what, when I get started on a project like this, I’m like a dog with a bone. Sketching possible ideas, picking out the perfect little applique, deciding on just the right fabric combinations…wasting valuable minutes.

Since time is of the essence [remember: the deadline is June 20th], I decided that simpler would be better and scaled back on the embellishments. Nike has cornered the market on “Just Do It”. Perhaps the Make It Snappy battle-cry should be “Just Finish Already!” Yeah, that has potential. That having been said, I think I’ll go and pack these up for shipping. See – the Snappy mantra’s working its magic only seconds later. I think we have a winner!


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  1. They’re so happy!

  2. Wow, good for you. I’m nervous about making this deadline but Lily and I are going to pick out some flannel fabric tonight, which I notice is on sale at JoAnn’s. Thanks for letting me know about this project~

  3. Sweet and playful – they’ll love them!


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