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And I Cannot Stress This Enough: Measure Thrice!

Well, in keeping with the new “Just Finish Already!” motto, I wrapped up the table runner* that I started several weeks ago – finally! It probably would’ve been finished in half the time had I not been making it up as I went along. Sometimes I get over-excited and just have to start the project before it’s completely mapped out. It’s not necessarily a poor practice, but it is one that lends itself to mistakes. Mistakes like, oh say, finishing the front and back before realizing that the whole thing is going to be two inches shorter than the intended table it will be running. Doh! See, I originally was going to add a dark border to each block on the front, but then decided that this would be pushing my luck. Precision isn’t my strong suit, and I’m pretty sure that the borders wouldn’t have lined up and it would have been glaringly obvious. Anyway, I forgot about that, and even though I measured the pieces every step of the way, my brain clung to the original measurement when I was calculating the back.

(Here’s the back, by the way.)

It wasn’t until I had the front and back laying right sides together so that I could pin them that I realized my error. Sooo…I chopped off a few inches from each end of the back. Problem solved! Until I lay it out on the table, that is, but I’m sure it’ll be fine. Yep. Fine, I say.

Aside from that, is it wrong for me to say how pleased I am with this guy? The way the blocks stack up on the front reminds me of a glass-bottomed boat (I would imagine, having never actually been such a boat). I just want to dip my hand right into the cool blue center. Well, that sort of wrecks the boat reference, doesn’t it? Bad idea, plunging your hand into the cool blue center on one of those. Anyway, by the time I got around to sewing the back – after playing around with different designs for two weeks, if you can believe that – I was too impatient to piece and quilt every bit of it so the pink squares are machine appliqued to the blue and green squares.

Break time’s over, Friends; time to get back to work. This week month feels like it’s getting away from me. June, wait! Come back!

[Note to Elizabeth K: Yeah, I didn’t give this one away. I was thinking of another block when I replied to your email, which is an example of why it’s a poor practice to reply to email at six a.m.]


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  1. The runner looks great. I love the fabric colours and patterns.

  2. Nice table runner. I think you’ll be the only one to know that it is “too short”. Trust me, nobody else will think about it.

  3. twolimeleaves

    Oooh that’s a pretty runner!! I would have kept it, too. 😀

  4. Love the runner, I’m sure it looks just fantastic…imperfection is more interesting anyway! The colors are great!

  5. Sometimes mistakes lead to even better ideas than we had the first time. I love the color combinations you’ve made 🙂

  6. I love it! Is that Lotus fabric on the back?

  7. So, so pretty! I love your fabric choices. The size miscalculation (surely a V-8 moment) is definitely something I would do, but it sounds like you found a solution.


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