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Stuck on the Spin Cycle

Which is to say: I spent another afternoon sort of meandering around.

I have an idea of what might be contributing to the slowdown in productivity. Can you keep a secret? Even if it’s of the little dirty variety?

Here’s the view from my sewing machine:

Um, yeah. Look familiar, Mom? I say that because I’ve always worked this way, with the stuff creeping in until I find myself working in six square inches of space. It doesn’t matter how large a workspace I have; I grow into it like a snake does its cage.

Cutting, or attempting to cut, fabric this morning reminded me of the Seinfeld episode when Frank Costanza sets up a pool room in his home. I was shoving stuff over with my elbow while holding down the ruler, knocking bottles off the back of the table with the piles. Pure chaos. So – guess that means it’s time to clean up a bit. Tomorrow.

I did manage to cut and piece this, probably because it was tiny:

It’s my first attempt using Kathy’s Wavy Seam Tutorial. Success! I’m so excited. I’ve already cooked up a project featuring wavy seams, which will be the real test of whether or not I’ve actually got this method down. Stay tuned.

Oh, and since we’re just wandering around conversation-wise, I found myself laughing out loud every time Finny’s post from yesterday popped into my head. [She’s trying to get to the bottom of this whole phenomenon of the pregnant-woman glow.] I definitely think that, of the things people say to you when you’re pregnant, this is one of the kindest. I’ve never seen “the glow” either, but still – it beats “your face looks fuller” (which borders on cruel). Harmless thing to say even if it’s a lie. It reminded me, though, of the crazy stuff that people said to me when I was expecting, which I will now share with you as sort of a public service. Mind you, the lesson portions are really just my opinion but for what it’s worth:
Scene: Sitting in church during a pageant rehearsal with a group of men and women I only sort of knew, before I had told anyone but Kevin about the baby, when the director shouts to me “You look different. Are you ok? Are you pregnant? Well, when was your last menstrual cycle?”
I kid you not.
Lesson: If someone is evading your pregnancy questions, drop it like it’s hot. Also, assume that, by the age of 31, she has figured out how her “cycles” fit into the whole reproductive scheme of things.
Next up would be co-workers, once I had shared the good news:
“You know, they’ve figured out how that happens.”
Again, I…please. And then, from an older man, we have this nugget:
“Oh, congratulations. But you know [shaking his head ], having a baby early in marriage can really put a strain on a relationship. Yeah [more shaking of head]….”
Um, good to know…I guess?
Lesson: The time for sharing pithy views on family planning has passed for the moment. Just let this opportunity pass right on by.

Ahh – good times. I’ll say I can laugh about it now, but, actually, I laughed about it at the time. Bunch of crazies!

And that, in the words of Forrest Gump, is all I have to say about that.

In other news, I did manage to wrap up “Sister of the Bride”. Tell you what, 268 pages never flew through my fingers so quickly.

Well, the young master of the house is calling “Hel-lo! Hel-looo Mama” over the monitor, which is my cue to wrap up. Lucky for you, because at this rate, I could ramble right on through to the sunset. Enjoy your evenings, Friends!


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  1. It would appear my “what is this whole ‘glow’ thing all about” post stirred up some controversy amongst my nearby (in the office) friends and I’ve been getting some nasty looks. Apparently they are just now seeing me for the lying grin monster that I am.

    SO I told you you were glowing!? SO? Isn’t that what you WANTED to hear?

    Gosh. Pregnant glowing women can be so crabby 😉

  2. Um yeah…what about after the baby is born? Because when I went into the hospital I told Mike “I am so fat, but you know, I don’t think my face got that fat.” And he was of course he was like “no, it doesn’t look different at all.” Fast forward to the following week when his friend was like “man, when we went to dinner the week before you had the baby it didn’t even look like you. Your face was so big! We were talking about it all night. I kept saying ‘that wasn’t Melissa.’ Yeah, it looked painful.”

    Wait…so my face was fat???

  3. LOL My studio looked just like that up until recently. I had to scare myself into cleaning it up by posting pics on my blog. Its amazing how much more comfortable it is now that I’ve put some stuff away!


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