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Happy Father’s Day

My mind was a bit divided this week. On the one hand, the whole Father’s Day thing had me a little keyed up, emotionally; it was kind of a rough week in that respect. Fortunately, on the other hand, I had a constant reminder that there was a very sweet father right here in the same house that deserved to be honored.

[This picture is a little dated, but it just sums up their relationship so well. Look how delighted they are with one another!]

He is a man of simple tastes, and requested baked goods in lieu of gifts this Father’s Day. No gift? Um, kind of goes against my grain, so I decided to turn it into sort of a week of service. Baked goods were included, of course, along with a special weekday breakfast and a few other things that he hadn’t been able to find time to take care of himself (loading his iPod, buying new clothes – that kind of thing.) Joey and I hope that, through these small gestures, he would have some idea of how much we adore him.

Our pastor often encourages the men in our church by saying that the best thing a father can do for a child is to love their mother. I think I can speak for Joey and myself when I say that we both think that his daddy is off to a wonderful start. You’re the Wiz, Kev, and nobody beats you – Happy Father’s Day! We love you!


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  1. Ha ha…the Wiz…cracks me up everytime! “Nobody beats the Wiz!”


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