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Stone Cold

Q: How long can a project sit in the “unfinished” pile and still be considered “in progress”?

A: You’d be surprised.

As promised, I did sort of start to dig out from under the chaos that ruled the sewing tables. This led to trying to make some sort of sense out of the shelves, two of which were completely out of control. The tables went pretty well; at least I can cut and sew now without knocking something to the floor every thirty seconds. Good enough for me! The shelves, on the other hand…. Yeah, that’s not so easy. I was able to dispatch with the scraps of interfacing and fat quarters pretty quickly and efficiently. After that, just looking at the mess that was left made me kind of tired and I lost interest. That happens sometimes, you know. Then, today, I unearthed a pile of quilt tops and quilt tops-to-be that have been sitting there since before Christmas. I know this because, for one thing, I also came across the piece of grey marbled fabric I’ve been trying to find for months; it was still paired with a piece I used in a Christmas gift. Oh, um, yay? Then there were the two scrappy throws, one already pieced and one kitted up, that I vaguely remember putting together after summer had already ended. Pretty sure it was before the beginning of ’07, though. Oh, and the Hawaiian print coin quilt. Hmm. What d’ya know. The silver lining is that I still like all three. I’d just like them a whole lot better if I could get them out of my way.

It’ll probably come as no surprise that I’m a firm believer in the power of books. If you can read, you can at least try to conquer almost any task. That’s why, when I find myself facing a challenge, the first thing I do is see if I can find a book magical enough to solve it. You have to use some discretion, though. I mean, how many books should you buy about trying to get out of debt? Same goes for reducing consumption or controlling clutter. It just offends my sensibilities to pay someone to tell me what not to buy and/or how to get rid of it if I was stupid enough to do so. That’s why I’ve limited myself to two books this year to address the whole home organization/stuff management topic. Sadly, I’ve already hit my quota. The first one was It’s All Too Much by Peter Walsh. I don’t really understand why I needed it, but some of the things he said (which weren’t particularly earth-shattering) struck a chord and I’ve been getting a little bit better about parting with my precious stuff. Exhibit A: the two bags of books taken from my previously edited shelves. (I haven’t gotten to the magazines yet. They deserve their own post, anyway.) Encouraged by my own changing attitude, thanks in part to a book, I sought out another. This time around, it was Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure but Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan. As usual, I had to read it once the whole way through before actually committing to Step One. I also tend to watch workout videos from the couch one time through, you know, to prepare. So far, though, I’m feeling pretty optimistic about the process he outlines. I’ll let you know when I complete the first phase.

Say, this is totally off topic, but I have a confession to make: We actually watched that show Age of Love last night. You know, the one where the 30-year-old man is choosing from a pool of women in their 40s – because that’s old – a group that are in their 20s. Look, I didn’t plan it; it just happened. Sadly for me, because there’s little else on, I don’t really like reality TV, and the dating shows particularly get under my skin. Once they suck you in, though, you can’t take your eyes off of them! Two of the highlights last night? One of the 20s calling the 40s desperate for coming on a TV program to find a man. O-kay. But, the 40s were no better: one woman was already marveling over how this could be her man, and she had this look of excited disbelief as if to say “Pinch me – is this a dream?” Gah! Ladies, please! A little dignity for our gender, alright? Jeez. Oh, and if you happened to catch it, did it strike you as a bit offensive that the “date” he took the 40s group on had them repelling down a building? I just got the feeling that we were supposed to worry about one of them breaking a hip or something. Maybe I’m being a bit touchy, seeing as how they’re not that much older than me, and I (for the record) am totally young.

But really, who am I to talk about dignity for our gender? I watched the whole show, followed by some sort of reality TV montage on The Soup. *ahem* Not in much of a position to criticize, I suppose.


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  1. LOL Lovely post! Yes, it is truly amazing how long something can sit in the WIP pile before it becomes a UFO. The best money saving book I ever read was How to get what you want in life with the money you already have by Carol Keefe. Not that you need another book 🙂

  2. I heard that the guy on that dating show used to date Paris Hilton, so he can’t really be much of a catch, can he? I love that you watch work out videos on the sofa. Me too!


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