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Still, It Beats a Kick in the Head

Here we are: the first day of summer. Not feeling like braving the heat and humidity of the great outdoors, I cleverly decided to turn our living room floor into a little wading pool. That officially qualifies me as the coolest, zaniest mom on the block. I rule!

Or maybe I came home after being out for a couple of hours, having braved the drenching rainstorm that took place smack in the middle of my outing, and found  that water had once again seeped in and turned very large sections of said room into ponds. Well, puddles, to be fair. I tend to exaggerate when hysterical (and, apparently, for several hours even after I’ve calmed down.)


Man! Needless to say, this wasn’t the post I had planned for the first day of summer at all. But that’s life, and we must not be beaten down by our circumstances, right? So, in a last ditch effort to salvage the afternoon, I baked up a little pan of sunshine in the form of lemon bars. Ah, but herein lies a mystery: How is it that a person could bring themselves to bake tasty treats, but not figure out what to make for dinner? I cannot say, but I can tell you that, while one task seemed soothing, the other sent my brain into “tilt” mode. It’s a riddle for the ages.

Eventually, I’d like share my take on the stack of reading material I’ve been devouring, and maybe even sneak some actual handcrafted items back into the mix. (I do still make things. ) Hopefully, that will be rectified tomorrow. Hopefully. 


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  1. I sympathize. Often I can don an apron and whip out a spur of the moment batch of cookies without blinking, but ask me to figure out what’s for supper? Stress!

    Sorry about the puddles…

    P.S. I’m new here – I think I found you through flickr, but I don’t remember now!

  2. Oh no, puddles in the living room? Not good at all!
    I don’t know what it is, but at the moment I want nothing to do with supper. Don’t want to think about it, don’t want to cook it, well, I do want to eat it, but it’s been the worst part of the day.


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