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But How Was Your Day?

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Yesterday’s fiasco: Set off – sin nino, mind you – to meet a group of friends/former co-workers to celebrate an upcoming wedding. Sat at the table in the middle of the restaurant waiting for 45 minutes before realizing that nobody was coming. Also realized that I didn’t have any of their cell numbers. Left the restaurant – humiliated, hungry, gift still in hand – and made the 40 minute drive back home, only to find out that they had been at another location. Great. Was inordinately stung by the fact that they’d tried to reach me via email, as if I still had a Blackberry. They know me better than that! Picked up the boy, and discovered that there was a screw in my front tire. [Yes: Thank God it didn’t blowout on the freeway. It was a bad day, but not so bad that I lost all perspective! Now back to my rant.] Got the mail on the way into the house, and what do you know? The water bill was ten times higher this month. TEN TIMES!

I went to bed early last night. Very early.

The good night’s sleep was really its own reward, but as it turns out, today was a fresh start instead of a continuation of yesterday’s craptacular. Turns out my husband will be off for the rest of the week, so he can get the tire fixed and I won’t be grounded. (I don’t like handling car stuff. Oh, I can, sure, and did for the twelve years before we married. I just don’t like it, and pass it off at every opportunity.) Then Joey and I had a great playdate with friends and family, and I discovered that the water bill debacle was just a clerical error. All good. Hey, maybe I should buy a lottery ticket!

Oh, this was the gift I mentioned back at the beginning.

The light was lousy yesterday morning, if you couldn’t tell by the fine quality of the photo. Both of these projects are from InStitches. The potholders are definite winners, construction-wise. I plan on making plenty more in the future. For those of you who share my pain when it comes to binding, the technique outlined in the book worked really well. My results weren’t perfect, but I didn’t really expect them to be. Oh, but I used straight-width binding instead of cutting it on the bias since it was a square project and I wanted to conserve my precious Lotus print.

I have no idea what we’re doing for the 4th. Last year, I just had to go see a neighborhood parade. I have no idea why I thought the baby would care, but it seemed important. He hated it, by the way. It was all fun and games until the fire truck came blaring down the street. I, on the other hand, got almost choked up at the simple hometown fun of it all. Something about seeing kids on their decorated bikes and all the handmade floats, I don’t know, it’s just so sweet.

I am getting so old.

Anyway, however you choose to spend your day, I hope you have a safe and happy 4th of July!


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  1. Wow, your day sounded like a doozy! The whole abandoned-in-the-restaurant thing happened to Carrie on a Sex and the City episode and she was pissed too.

    Love, love the apron/potholder set! And you made your own bias tape! So lovely.


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