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This 4th of July, I started the day in my own special way: Celebrating my independence from the tyranny of unfinished projects!

If you were to see the quilting up close, you would see that it is free indeed. I was trying to go all big and loose with the pattern (using the term veeery loosely), but I felt like I was bustin’ a bronco! The machine was skidding away, I was breaking a sweat – my husband was, wisely, too scared to interrupt. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him turn around to say something, stare for a second, and then slowly turn his chair back toward the computer monitor. Anyway, after spending several months basted and folded in a basket, the dreaded quilting step was finished in just under an hour. Yeehaw!

Today, we drove out to a pick-your-own blueberry farm in Conroe and plucked a mess o’berries. So cheap and juicy!

We’re firmly planted in vacation mode this week, so the crafting may slow to a tiny trickle. I’m hoping to come out swinging next week, but hey – it’s summertime. It’s hard to get too worked up about stuff like that, you know?


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  1. cheap and juicy blueberries. NO FAIR! I love it. That is super cool.


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