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Really – I still sew!

Here is the proof:

Oh, and as you can tell by the piece that’s hogging the bottom of the shot, I wasn’t kidding about the whole Christmas in July thing. It’s not a late start by any means, but I assure you – it’s certainly not too early for someone as easily distracted as me.

Speaking of that Christmas quilt, here’s something I’ll tell you for free: It’s a little bit stupid to crawl around on the floor basting a quilt when you could barely creak your weary body through a series of stretches a few hours earlier. Halfway through the first section, I realized that I was an idiot, but it was too late to turn back then. Well, it’s done and I’m still walking, so it truly was only a little bit stupid after all.

The mess creeping into the corner of this picture has a more critical deadline, though, seeing as how they’re the shirts for Saturday’s birthday bonanza. The boy’s turning two (already)! So, yes, hosting a party for 20+ family members takes a front seat this week. The other stuff is being firmly placed on the back burner, which is killing me. I seem to have some impulse control issues. See the black and white fabrics at the top of the stack? Can’t WAIT to cut into those, and there’s a whole ‘nother stack that are just screaming for my attention. Um, not to mention the fabrics that are currently en route. What? Nothing! Anyway, wait I shall; there’s always next week.

I really didn’t see any reason why we had to wait until next week for a morsel of dessert, though.

A friend of my mom’s gave her the recipe for this Peaches and Cream Pie back in the 70s, and I used to make it all the time. I lost my copy somewhere along the line, but – lo and behold! – found it online here. I forgot to do it this time around, but I used to add another 3 ozs. cream cheese, along with an extra tablespoon of syrup and sugar. How can more cream cheese filling be a bad thing, right? Oh, wait: it can be a very bad thing if you accidentally add another eight ounces instead. A dripping, smoking bad thing, if memory serves. Yeah, don’t do that.

Back to work!


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  1. So, you are quilting for Christmas in July? And baking pie? And what is with that adorable table runner — Superwoman!

  2. “I seem to have some impulse control issues.”

    You and me both, you and me both. I rewrote the entire New Jersey Polymer Clay Guild website yesterday on a whim instead of processing a huge pile of orders that has been languishing in my inbox for days…

    Half of the fun, crafty things on my blog are things I did on a whim instead of what I was supposed to be doing. Yeah, I’d say I have a problem 🙂

    Your pie looks yummy.

  3. Wow, you are brave hosting a big party like that! And quilting for Christmas? Wow! I have not seen my sewing machine for a few weeks and I miss it.

  4. Looking forward to seeing that Christmas quilt come alive 🙂


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