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Disappearing Act

OK, as promised, here’s the second phase of the Disappearing 9-Patch quilt.



[Sort of: Turns out I didn’t have a block made up in exactly the configuration shown in the “Before” shot, but you get the idea.]

Yesterday, I managed to get as far as cutting and piecing the block halves. I pressed and matched the halves this afternoon; now they just need one more pressing and then it’s time to hit the design wall. This is the part that makes me a little nervous – what if I don’t like it? – but I’m pretty sure it’ll work out in the end.

May I pass on a couple of tips that I wish I’d remembered before I started the whole piecing process? Come – let us put on our Genius Caps:

  • When creating strip sets, cut all of the strips in each set to the same length. For example, you cut a 6″ strip from the full width of three different fabrics for each set. Two of the strips measure 42″, and one is 44″. In this case, you would cut strip #3 down to 42″ before you match them up to be sewn. You can see a little bit of puckering in some of the white strips, which I’m pretty sure wouldn’t be there had I remembered this little tidbit.
  • Re-size and trim your blocks as you go. No matter how meticulously I cut and stitch the pieces, there’s always at least one that comes up a little smaller than the rest. Measure that block, and then trim the rest to match. I used to think I could fudge it along the way, usually by skimping on the seam allowance in places, but I find it harder to fix these kind of problems as the project progresses. It’s frustrating, yes, but nip it in the bud. In fact, keep nipping as needed until you finish the whole top.

That’s all for now. My idea list is growing and growing, so I need to keep moving – quickly!


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  1. you quilters are too cool. i couldn’t figure this stuff out with a gun to my head.

    but i enjoy watching others do it 🙂


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