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Could You Do Any Less?

Do you ever feel like you give the least attention to those you love the most? Today’s project is my weak attempt to correct my tendency toward doing just that. Two weeks ago, my husband asked me to make a drawstring bag to corral the toy fruits and veggies. A simple and reasonable request, no? Of course it was, especially considering the patience with which he wades through the stacks of projects and fabrics in this house. Besides, do I have to tell you how rare it is that a sewing request is put in by the man of the house? Well, for our own use, that is; he’s chock full of ideas when it comes to gifts I could be making for other people. He’s also good at requesting items way out of my skill set, which is a bit of a blow to the ego. [A leather toiletry bag? Come on, Man! What about the patchwork belt and tie I offered you? What?] Anyway, it’s pretty rare, and I consider it something of a treat to be able to make him happy with such a small thing.Yet here we are, two weeks later, and I’ve only now finished the bag.

When I say “finished”, I don’t mean to give you the impression that I jumped right on it days ago and just now wrapped it up. No no. In fact, here’s what did happen: I thought I had the perfect scrap for this bag, and dug around looking for it for about an hour. That must have been a week ago. Then I remember this one from the fat quarter collection…a few days ago…and today, I could no longer live with myself and whipped it up in under an hour. If only that weren’t so typical of my processes. So now I am pleased as punch to have this off of my conscience, but still a bit sad that I let it sink to the bottom of the stack in the first place. It just serves as a reminder to me (which hopefully I’ll manage to remember) that “done” trumps “perfect” almost every time. Oh, and also that I have too many scraps; wasn’t kidding about the hour-long dig. Ridiculous!

Finally, would any first of the month be complete without marvelling over the fact that another month has passed? Surely not, so here you are: Is it really August already?!? How can this be?

(You’re welcome.)


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  1. Hi- I just found your blog the other day and I really like it. You are very funny. I also take way too long to finish the simplest of projects. For two months, I literally sat on a pair shorts on my sewing chair before putting a button on for my husband.

  2. Yep It’s August. Less than 5 months till Christmas. Something like 146 days.

  3. The bag is as cute as it can be–I looked at it in your Flickr account so I could see the details more and think it’s perfectly themed for its purpose.

    I do know what you mean about the delay in making your husband’s requested project. My husband asked me to make him little bags to hold his photography backdrop screens and it took me forever to put his request first–I feel bad about that but I did get them done finally. And your husband’s request of a leather toiletry bag cracks me up because my husband requested I make him a little leather box for one of his camera lenses. I don’t know if I can deal with leather projects. He has also asked me to do some simple mending for him that I’ve put off because I had so many other more “fun” projects to do. Your thoughtful post reminds me to get on with his requests (except the leather box thing–I’ll buy him one).

  4. you always manage to make me laugh 🙂

  5. LOL Sounds like you’re describing my life!


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