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There are weeks when everything is overwhelming. My priorities are all out of whack, the fuse is extra short, and I’ve got a nagging suspicion that something’s missing, but no clear idea what it must be.

Odds are, at the end of such a week, I’ll be rushing around searching for my bible on the way out the door to church, only to find it lying in the truck. Right where I’d left it…the Sunday before.

Now it all makes sense.


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  1. Ahhh, so true.
    A good reminder.

  2. Less agony with more Bible, yes? I am so lazy about reading my Bible, I am embarrassed to admit. I am trying, slowly, to change that habit!

  3. Check out the pastors word today. It gives some good tips on how to have a productive quiet time. You may also want to check out the podcast too.


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