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E: Earthquake Preparedness and Other Essentials

Earthquake Preparedness 

[A conversation that took place several years ago between me and a friend that I grew up with in the Bay Area. I had gone to visit her in Colorado from Texas; we’d both left California several years prior, and I have no idea what led up to this exchange.]

K: Well, I can’t put [a shelf] over the bed.

M: Hey, I never hang anything over the bed either! What’s that about?

K: Earthquakes!

She was right, of course. Never sleep under anything which could come crashing down during a midnight quake and crack you in the head. This rule was firmly ingrained in my brain, even though I’d long since forgotten its roots. Also, keep flashlights and cans of tuna in stock at all times. Why tuna, in particular? Couldn’t tell you, but that stands out in my sister’s mind, too, as an earthquake kit essential. For that matter, it’s pretty much the first thing we think of when it comes to disaster preparedness: canned tuna. Yes, we live in hurricane country now, but the kits are pretty much the same. It’s kind of like the way they transitioned the duck and cover drill. “No longer convinced it will do you any good in the event of a nuclear attack? Well, how about during an earthquake? Do try to tuck a good portion of your spine under that desk, please.”


Being as this is still, primarily, a craft journal, here are some of the things I consider essential for a happy sewing session:

Rotary cutter and mat, large and small clear rulers, a mess o’ pins, lots of pretty fabric, fully loaded iPod, a delicious drink, and—of course—my somewhat trusty sewing machine. [Not pictured: steaming hot iron]

A tidy workspace would be ideal, for sure, but certainly not essential.


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  1. Ewww – earthquake drills! Why was I always wearing a skirt on those days?!

  2. Canned Tuna – cause it doesn’t need to be cooked and it keeps forever! And it’s one of the only seafoods I can eat. We have tins and tins of it.


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