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F: Forgetfulness


When it comes to buying cards or tags to go with gifts, I have to wonder whether the culprit is more closely tied to forgetfulness or frugality. It’s probably pretty much a toss-up. The bottom line is that I haven’t managed to remember to pick up this all-too-necessary final touch more than, say, four times in the past year. Yeah, that sounds about right. Fortunately, there are creative solutions. Not like I’m showing you anything ground-breaking here, but at least it will remind you what a faithful friend you have in a roll of Heat n Bond Ultra and some cardstock. Just this past Saturday, I was wrapping a gift as we were getting ready to go to a wedding reception, and—what do you know!—realized that I’d again forgotten to pick up a card. [This is where the frugality aspect comes in: Often, there’s a little voice in my head telling me “YOU can’t make a simple card for less than three dollars? With all of those scraps?!” Why this voice neglects to pipe up and remind me to actually make the card ahead of time, well, I wish I knew.] I was only feeling up to a tiny creative challenge, though, so it was an extra special bonus when I came across the package of tags amongst my supplies. From there, I fused the Heat n Bond to the tag, peeled off the backing, and pressed it onto the wrapping paper. Snip snip snip, and voila! One lovely coordinated hang tag (plus two extra, because this is bound to happen again).

Did I mention that I have a circle cutter, too? And that it cuts through fabric after it’s been fused to paper? Oh yes: new stationery is on the list as Project #14.


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  1. I used to always make my own tags and cards. Then one wedding I was running late and used a left over christmas tag that I had made, and Christmas wrapping paper.

    Suddenly everyone seemed to think that hubby and I always used christmas wrap and tags.

    A few weddings later and I made a card, and decorated my own wrapping paper in a wedding them. And the bride wanted to know where the christmas stuff was.

    So now if anyone gets a tag at all, it’s a christmas tag!

  2. adore my circle cutter so much. and i never buy cards. and dh works for a greeting card co. 🙂


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