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I: InStitches Sew Along

Definitely my favorite crafty challenge of each month. So here we are, Month #8, with my favorite project (so far): the Square Potholders.

Looking for evidence that it’s my favorite? Man, those are two prized pieces from my fabric collection, and I used them for potholders! Hey, I figure that this way I’ll get to enjoy them plenty, since there’s usually a whole lotta baking goin’ on.

Check out the way they dress up these humble fish sticks:


I know!

You can also see that I couldn’t just leave well enough alone with the patchwork design. The size of this project provided too good of an opportunity to try out a block idea that’s been rattling around in my head, so I went with that instead. As for the quilting itself, let’s just say that I have some sort of mental block or deficiency or something when it comes to measuring out grids. The enormous crossed zig-zag is the method used in the Denyse Schmidt book, and I have latched onto it. It has a certain “I meant to do that” quality that works well with my particular challenges.

One more thing: I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I use straight-grain binding whenever possible. It uses less fabric, which suits the miser in me, and it’s faster (which suits the…slacker in me? Sure, whatever!)

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  1. Cute! I need to make some potholders. My husband loves them, but I’m so lazy I end up using a dish towel. Perhaps if I has some fancy-dancy pretty ones I’d use one πŸ™‚

  2. Straight grain binding? How do you do that? And those pot holders are perfect!!

  3. Love em! I really want to try this project!

  4. Cute potholders! They do wonders for the fishsticks! πŸ˜‰

  5. your a crack up πŸ™‚ they do make those fish sticks look fancier πŸ™‚


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