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Money: Looking for an easy way to save some? Only pay with paper, and hoard your change. Also, if possible, change your purses often and quickly. When you go back to clean them all out a few months later, you’ll be pleased with the miniature goldmine that awaits you. (Miniature = a few bucks, upwards of ten or twenty if you also come across stray one dollar bills. Gold!)

Notebooks: I’ve already mentioned my love of them. Right now, I am the proud owner of two new ones, one lined and one unlined. They’re both larger than my standard medium ones, so they will be my Big Notebooks for Big Plans. Doesn’t that just sound exciting? No idea what said plans will entail, but—oh!—they will be big.

Oranges: One of the best things about winter, in my opinion: delicious oranges. So cheap and juicy!

Speaking of fruit, have you tried plumcots? Tasty tasty tasty.

Look, I warned you early on that summer goes hand in hand with fruit around here; it was bound to come up a lot.

And, last but not least, purses: It is only now, after twenty-some years of constant purse-carrying, that I often find myself with an appropriate bag for the occasion. At some point, you get tired of trying to pack way too much into a cute little shoulderbag or toting some monstrous knapsack around in the evening. I’m not sure why it’s taken so long (and I still don’t have the whole drill down 1oo% of the time), but there you go.

Oh, and how could I have left out patchwork?! I’ve decided that having a patchwork piece of some sort adds a warmer, lived-in look to any room. Our living room is still very much a work in progress, but once I threw a patchwork pillow into one of the chairs, the whole space finally started to come together. I’m sure that some restraint is probably a good idea when using this technique, but we’ll see. I still have a few more pieces in mind…for every room! Viva patchwork!


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  1. Would you believe with as many purses as I have, I still find myself without the perfect bag for certain occasions?


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