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When I say I like a pattern, well, I really mean it. These are just a few of the works-in-progress scattered across the cutting and sewing tables: Bend-the-Rules Artsy Clutches and InStitches-inspired Potholders. See, both projects fit the most important criteria: they’re fairly quick to make (although the potholders are a little bit more time-consuming start to finish), and they can easily be completed using materials which are already at my fingertips.

I tend to have what can probably best be described as a fit when I complete a sewing project like the ones here. “Wow, that was pretty fun! I can make a bunch of these, and use up tons of great fabric!” Then comes the flinging of possible coordinating pieces, which quickly turn into stacks on every available surface. A couple of the Christmas prints are from my prized Michael Miller half-yard pack from last winter. I love this collection, and was waiting for just the right project to come along. Well, I don’t know if this was it, but I sliced right into them in my frenzy. It’s better this way, though, because in the back of my mind I’m still in everything-must-go mode. That’s easier to say considering there are still generous scraps of each piece. Oh, what did you expect?

I have to finish these and make some more room, though, because I also picked up a pajama pattern for the boy last week. I was so happy to find it that I came straight home and—you guessed it—dug through all the flannels for any pieces with enough yardage to make a few pair. All of it has now been washed, pressed, and draped across some other pile.

This is no way to work.


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  1. I’m working on my Christmas creatures now. It feels like the holidays will be here before we know it.

  2. I love the pot holders from In-Stitches. I’ve made one pair. I plan on making more in the near future. I think they’d make a great gift.

  3. oh, great. get me thinking of MORE thinkgs to make. My sewing room is such a pit of fabric that I just have a path from the door to the machine.!

  4. Gee whiz – you’re already making Christmas gifts – I salute you!


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