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It’s Go Time

If you’ve ever watched “Clean Sweep”, you know that these three baskets can only mean one thing: a great clean-out has begun! Personally, the fact that it has indeed begun is the very thing that makes it great; the results remain to be seen. Still, I’m off to a good start, considering that these baskets were filled with random sewing stuff yesterday afternoon. We’re doing things here, Friends! The hall closet is already in much better shape, in fact. I have one of those hanging sweater bags on the rod that we use for shoes. Unfortunately, the floor was so cluttered (um, partially with shoes, oddly enough) that the bag kept getting all scrunched up, rendering the bottom two compartments useless. We’d gotten to the point where we would just sort of toss things in and try to slide the doors closed again, which is always a scary situation. Neither one of us could stand it, but I could tell that it especially pained Kevin and he just didn’t want to say anything. [One might also add “or do anything about it”, but that would be unfair considering how uptight I get when anyone gets too close to one of my precious messes. I definitely made my own bed on this one.] Should I be embarrassed that I made him open it up and admire it right when he got home from work, as if I were a 5-year-old or something? Maybe, but that’s exactly what I did. He was really thrilled, though, at the sight of me labeling the baskets.

“You’re going to do a Clean Sweep! Oh, this is good.”

Let’s hope so, my love. Let’s hope so.

Sadly, though, the first part of the sweep unearthed quite a few yards of fabric that I’d set aside for projects and…. Well, and nothing; that’s as far as it ever went. Back to the shelves with yas. There were also a few small projects which were cut and pinned, but had been left crammed in a box for the past two or three years. They went into the trash. Sometimes it’s more work to try salvage this stuff than it was ever worth. Still, I hate to waste fabric. On the other hand, it’s not like it wasn’t being wasted at the bottom of a box for all those years, right?

I am so jazzed about getting this room together. The whole house, for that matter, but this room in particular. Over the past few weeks, I have been coming up with different ideas that would definitely allow a more efficient use of the space, but it’s been impossible to implement them. For example, one is to hang an fold-down ironing board on the wall [I saw this on “Mission: Organization”], but there is so much stuff stacked on the floor beneath where it would hang that I would need to stand on a stepladder and lean across the stuff in order to iron. Can that be ergonomically sound? What are the odds that I wouldn’t end up grabbing a sizzling hot iron at some point? Same goes for re-arranging the shelves, and they are in dire need of it. That’s where I originally started with this project (weeks ago), but realized that—you guessed it—leaning across waist-high stacks of boxes and bins was no way to go about it.

I wonder what it’s like to be born with the orderly organized gene. You must have so many more hours in the day when you don’t constantly waste time re-doing and re-starting because you picked the absolute stupidest way to go about it the first time around.

Of course, it could also be said that one would accomplish more if they spent less time typing and more time sweeping. Where is the fun in that, though?!


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  1. More and more I feel like we are very similar. I could have written that same post. Well, same except for the fact that you are doing something about your disorganization and I am still in the “daydreaming it away” stage 😉

  2. I am one of those overly organized people. My co-workers come by my desk and sneer at me daily. Makes me happy.

  3. Doesn’t editing feel great! But I do hope you’re not hauling everything out to your front yard in true Clean Sweep fashion. What’s next – Supermarket Sweep?

  4. Mercy but I need to do a Clean Sweep, too. I’m generally very organized but after my knee replacement surgery, things kind of got out of control since I couldn’t make it up the stairs or do heavy things for a bit. I think I’ll do some “letting go” and organizing today–thank you for inspiring me.

  5. My mom is here visiting and as soon as she leaves I plan on doing a great clean out, too. School starts in a few days so I think it’s a good time. Oh and btw, instead of throwing away that fabric at the bottom of the boxes, you can send it to me and recycle! 🙂

  6. Good luck with your clean sweep. If you ever figure out how to be one of thoe “everything in it’s place” folks, let me know how you did it.

  7. Ha! You’re so funny! I wasn’t born with the organized gene either. If there is a wrong, slow, sloppy way of doing something I’ll give that a try first before moving on to the neat, tidy, organized way.

  8. Good luck! I am so disorganized, but I love watching Clean Sweep and Mission Organization. I am very partial to my piles and won’t let my husband touch anything.


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