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Waste Not, Want Not


Sure, this technically fits under the canopy of “sewing”, but I’m not sure that I’d categorize it as fun. Or even utilitarian, even though they are going to be very useful. I’m afraid that, deep down, I feel ridiculous for sewing dustrags.

Yep. I’m now sewing my own dustrags.

You see, I had a small stack of receiving blankets that I’d made a couple of years ago but hadn’t been able to fit them in with any of the million baby gifts I’d given since. They were either a little flawed (which is something you only start to notice after they’ve been on the shelf for six months), or the fabric choices were too odd/specific/whatever. So, I took a break from cleaning on Saturday to turn a couple of them into rags. They’re double-sided, flannel backed with lightweight cotton, so I just sewed four squares onto each blanket and then cut around each square with pinking shears. [I include this important information only because I’m sure you’ll all be dashing to your sewing machines this minute to whip up your own, and will need explicit directions on how to do it, right? Very advanced stuff, here.]

Of course, these are a marked improvement over the ones I made last year, and by “made” I mean “cut from an old t-shirt”. I mean, it’s a rag; how great does it have to look? Um, better than that. They were too small and just kind of gross, even when they were clean. My husband looked at me as if I’d handed him a used diaper every time I tossed one to him, so yeah – these are definitely a step up. Besides, at least they’ll be used for something instead of taking up valuable space on my shelf. That’s actually why I fixed ’em up right in the middle of cleaning: I didn’t want to create one more single pile. I keep unearthing partially-finished projects in every nook and cranny of this space. Gah! More on that later, though. As for now, I must charge on!


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  1. There is nothing wrong with being fashionable as you

  2. I think it’s a great idea and thank you for sharing it as I’m dashing off in a minute to make some for myself (grin). It’s my belief that we may as well have things that make us smile even when the purpose is utilitarian like cleaning. I love your idea!

  3. LOL You’ve probably got the best looking dust rags in town!

  4. From catching up on your blog, it looks like you are indeed having your own intervention. Love the rags – all I generally use is an old (clean) sock, or cut up old towels – you have definitely elevated the term.

    Good luck with your clean sweep!

  5. Thanks for the comment Meg. I hope you get lots of use out of your beautiful dust rags.


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