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Many Thanks

First of all, thank you to this pot of plants.


You are the only thing that not only survived, but thrived this summer. Oh, the snails tried to bring you down, but you prevailed. Next year, we’re filling the yard with impatiens! (These impatiens, by the way, were left in the pot as a bare sprig all winter and came back beautifully. Go figure!)

Also, thank Beth and Molly for the great food-shopping discussions. It will never cease to amaze me how I’ll be stewing about something, and think about using it for a post, but find that it’s already a hot topic of discussion within the “community”. Once I get past the momentary deflation of realizing that I’m not bringing anything new to the party, so to speak, I’m relieved. These are the things that assure me that I’m not losing my mind. I’d been really frustrated by my inability to stretch our food budget this year. I mean, we didn’t suddenly start eating that much more, nor have we developed particularly champagne tastes (well, no more so than usual.) It wasn’t until my mom mentioned the high price of groceries that I started to put the pieces together; it’s not just me! Now I really know that it’s not just me, and have been armed with some new ideas as I try to get this back under control.

Finally, thank you June. I was running low on energy this afternoon, so of course I thought a blog break was in order. [It’s been “in order” about every hour on the hour this week… .] Luckily, I popped over to see what Junie Moon has been up to , and seeing her all decked out in her new cleaning gear was just the encouragement I needed to get moving again. It’s a hard thing to explain. I mean, it’s not as though I didn’t know that I should be tending to my housework, but something about her post reminded me that there was joy in caring for you home, and caring for it well. Now my kitchen looks great, which really bolstered my spirits, and I’m actually looking forward to tackling yet another room. Thanks, June!

Well, I couldn’t bear to show you one more picture of the same ol’ Christmas quilt I’ve been working on while it’s still in progress, but I did manage to finish the machine quilting and cut it down to size. All that’s left is attaching bindings and some hand embroidery. (Yeah—that’s “all”.) The quilting is, indeed, crazy—and not by design—but that’s a post for another day, perhaps a day when the whole thing is actually finished.


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  1. Well, I think that was just a really nice post. It made me happy…thank you Meme!

  2. Sometimes we all need a little kickstart to things–I do on a frequent basis. You are reminding me that there are some much-needed gardening chores I’ve been neglecting in this Arizona heat. This summer’s severe weather has been the first one that has truly worn me out. As a result, I have been a plant serial killer extraordinaire. I must now serve a sentence in the garden to make reparations right away.


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