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Let Me Eat Cake

I’ve noticed that my gut reaction to any sort of aggravation is to shut down. Suddenly, nothing will do but to flop down on the couch and zone out completely. But that’s kind of an aggravation in its own way, because you realize that hours have passed by, completely wasted, and now-on top of everything else!-you have that sitting on your brain. Well, today I decided to try to boss myself around a bit. After having a totally ridiculous conversation with the very nice nurse at my doctor’s office (not about anything serious, by the way), I was left feeling dissatisfied and out of sorts. On my way to the trusty couch (only after wandering milling aimlessly around the sewing room for a few minutes), I remembered that I’d been meaning to bake some tiny cakes all week. Yes, I thought, that I can handle. A simple batch of mini gingerbread cakes will be the sure cure.

They’ve only been in the oven for fifteen minutes, but already the house is filled with their spicy aroma. Mmm…gingery good. This recipe calls for a chocolate ganache icing; I don’t see how that can be wrong! So there we go: I’ve redeemed the afternoon (moreso than if I’d sprawled across the couch, at least), and the cake I’d promised my son this morning and hoped he’d forget will be at the ready, should he happen to remember. Oh, and I’ll have a tasty snack waiting for me this evening.

I feel better already.


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  1. Indeed! Baking is the cure for all of life’s woes. (You may quote me on that.) In fact, I think I shall attempt to bake something too. Or at least eat something that has been baked.

  2. Good for you! Now that you’ve written about it, I know that I do the same thing. When it’s all overwhelming I’d rather retreat than face the good and move on. Next time I’m using you as an example . . . bet your cakes were yummy!

  3. What a great way to turn a challenging day around–I can smell your baking from here.

  4. Yes, a little home baked goodness can change any mood.

  5. Heck yes! Good for you. And I hope by today you are feeling 100% . 🙂


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