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Airing of Grievances, and Other Stuff

Oh, Better Homes and Gardens. What can I say? Each year, you lure me in with your many, many holiday magazines. Never mind that they’re more expensive than they should be, or that you could have just combined, say, the baking and appetizer editions—I still get pulled in to buying at least two of your special issues each year. Darn if some of those recipes aren’t delicious.

This just tears it, though:

Come on! Leave me with something, won’t you?

And then there’s you, Mr. Gunn and Company. Um, yeah, that’s my foot you’re stepping on in this episode. No on cropped pants and t-shirts? A “uniform” is considered a fashion faux pas, but that metallic bag that you gave to her is not? Am I really to run errands in a somewhat fancy sundress and pumps? Say it isn’t so! Seriously, y’all, watching that episode was something of a horror. I felt so self-conscious walking through Target the next day in my-yes-cropped jeans and t-shirt. I felt like everyone in the store had seen the show and was looking at me thinking, “Oh yes, she definitely epitomizes the slobbification of America.” I wanted race through with my cart shouting, “Don’t look at me! DON’T. LOOK.AT.ME!”, but that’s kind of a sure way to draw stares, so I refrained. Ah, but the truth hurts sometimes, doesn’t it?

But on to greener pastures, Friends. My microbatch initiative? Working well. I still have to resist the urge to cut out a half dozen things at a time, but it has been refreshing to finish what I’ve started. Oh, and the gingerbread with chocolate ganache that I was making the other day? Well, the ganache, she kept separating into an oily mess, so I dumped ‘er out and started again. Sadly, though, I only had semisweet chips on hand, so the next batch was a very thin glaze instead. It added more of a whisper of chocolate than the rich little bite I’d been craving, but the cake itself was delicious and—more importantly—I managed to resist the urge to fling the whole batch across the room and then go stomp on it with heavy shoes. Small victories, small victories.


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  1. I watched that episode and pretty much felt the same way…why are capris and tees so bad?? I say, go for it. 🙂

  2. I have that episode waiting for me on the dvr, but maybe I should skip it to spare myself a similar berating.

    I once rode the subway with Tim Gunn and we were the only two people in the car. He stood. I always wondered why and my husband suggests it was so he didn’t wrinkle his suit.

  3. haha. Mark always says they’d have their hands full if they ever got me on a show like that because I have a reason why Every. Thing. Doesn’t. Fit. Me.

  4. Ha! You totally beat them to the punch. I love that!


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