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What’s That You Say?

Summer’s over? Really?

You’ll have to excuse my confusion. For one thing, I’m still having trouble keeping track of the time, which is annoying not only to me but also to everyone around me, I’m sure. Also, it’s still hot outside. Darn hot. Darn makeup-melting-off-of-your-face-after-two-minutes in the sun hot. Granted, it’s only in the low seventies rather than eighty degrees when I wake up before the sun even comes up, but that’s not cuttin’ it. The leaves are falling, the sun is going down earlier–it should be cold enough for a light sweater, for Pete’s sake! Maybe even just at night, or before breakfast? No?

And that’s the part of early Autumn in these parts that I could do without: the big tease. So yes, I’m feeling a bit humbuggy about the whole Fall thing right now. Maybe as it gets closer to Thanksgiving; that’s usually when the weather begins to cooperate. Oh, but believe me, I can’t wait. I’m really looking forward to craving hot tea first thing in the morning, and needing to put a pair of warm slippers between my feet and the cold tile floor, and busting out the crock-pot for a nice big pot of soup. How I do love a good soup.

But not yet. Nope. Gotta sit here in limbo awhile, although I have to believe that a nice pumpkin muffin would help ease the long transition. It certainly couldn’t hurt.


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  1. It’s like that here in New Jersey, too. I actually switched on the A/C today. Ugh. Definitely have a pumpkin muffin. I’ve got just the recipe: Enjoy it with a nice mug of hot apple cider. (Or maybe keep the cider cold until the weather cooperates, LOL!)

  2. Ohhhhh, I do so know what you are talking about and you have my total sympathies/ Still too hot, still too sticky, still too sweaty and I’m sick to pieces of all my shorts, tank tops, etc.

    And yes, it’s at the point where I’m not gasping from heat when I take the dogs out at 10:00 p.m., it could almost be pleasant — but I want Brisk. I want to turn off the AC and open up the windows!

    But Monday is October and that gets rid of one more month in the hurricane season!

  3. I’m pretending that it’s getting cooler by turning the a/c on full blast and knitting a wool sweater. I’m worried that we’re going to skip fall entirely and switch from 80s/90s straight to 40s without a nice fall transition in between.

  4. Oh Meg, I’m right there with ya!

  5. You have written my same thoughts! Fall is my favorite season, but in Texas it doesn’t start until November. There usually is a few days in October that tease us until in warms back up for a couple more weeks. Its Oct. 2 and our high was about 92 today, I believe. Ridiculous! I broke down and made pumpkin muffins (oh sweet nectar!) Mon. b/c I just couldn’t take it anymore! I so desperately want it to be autumn!


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